Thursday, June 11, 2009

What bugs YOU about blogs?

I couldn't resist one more picture of me and Alesha before we went out Saturday night. Aren't we adorable?

Thanks for all of the thoughts on my post yesterday about the nutrition seminar I attended with my Team in Training group. I'm glad that someone agrees with me about this! A few points I wanted to address:
  • As far as the caffeine pills thing goes, I forgot to point out that in collegiate athletics, taking caffeine pills to boost performance is considered illegal doping by amphetamines. So why would a dietitian recommend it?
  • However, it's been all over the media recently that some form of caffeine is good/safe to help your perform better before a race. I take this to mean COFFEE. I always drink a cup of coffee a few hours before a race or a long run to "get things moving." (Both mentally and physically!)
  • But coffee can dehydrate, so I find that if I drink a 1/2 to 1 cup before a run, I need to leave enough time to also drink some water.
  • The dietitian that spoke has completed an insane number of races, including four appearances at Boston and several Ironmans! So obviously, she has found what works for her.
  • Which brings me to my final point. We all have to find what is healthy and what works for us. For me, that means less processed foods and more whole foods. Does that mean I never eat processed foods? Of course not! But I try to make it a healthy balance. I would be scared to take caffeine pills before a race because I would never take them otherwise.
Yesterday my good friend LiLu (who is definitely not a running blogger in any shape or form, she's more of a snarky/sassy opinionist who has found an insane following in DC) posted yesterday about what bugs us about blogs. We got into a discussion about this on Twitter yesterday so I figured why not throw it out here today.

What bugs ME about blogs?
  • When some bloggers are "too big" to follow you on Twitter, respond to your comments, or visit your blog. Yet they make sure to communicate with their "popular" clique of bloggers. I think that blogging is a conversation, and should be so. I don't mean that every blogger should respond to every comment, or read every post. We're all busy, life gets in the way. So I tend to stick to the blogs who read me, that way, I feel like I'm actually getting to know you guys & vice versa. (Is that mean??? I hope not!) I love those "big" bloggers who if I @reply on Twitter, they respond. Why would I make the effort if it's only going to be a one-sided conversation? (Of course, maybe they don't know about Tweetdeck. Greatest.Thing.Ever.)
  • Insane amounts of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. (I throw these things together fast so I know I have some, so please no tomatoes.)
  • Short reader feeds. I know some of you do this, and I still love you! It just takes a little more effort. (I'm lazy, what can I say?)
So how about you guys, what bugs you about blogs?


I didn't run yesterday because I suck. But I will be heading out tonight to do something. Bridge? 4-5 mile flat run? Speedwork? Who knows!

Matt and I are heading to the NC mountains Saturday for a wedding, so that should be fun. But that also means running this weekend may not happen. Gonna have to squeeze in a long run (8 to 10 miles) at some point!


  1. You two are adorable! I love when people post photos :)

    What bothers me about blogs? Your number one. There's one person who has a HUGE blog, lives down the street from me.. I've commented and emailed and never once has she gotten back to me. I met her and it confirmed the icky feelings I had. Blogging is all about connections and communication!!

    LOL- I guess I needed to get that off my chest :)

  2. Hey Kristin!

    Thanks for checking out my blog! that's awesome you are doing team in training! I love that people do this, its very near and dear to my heart! I can't wait to read more of your blog! (I'm adding you to my reader thingie lol)

    I agree with you about number one!! lol


  3. Hahaha,I'm afraid of listing my blogging petpeeves because I know I'll offend people. :-)

    Have a good run today!

  4. I definitely agree with you about #1!!!I haven't been in the blogging world that long, but I am amazed with how "cliquey" it can be!

  5. What bugs me? Young girls looking very cute in little dresses. I KID!!! LOL
    What the heck is "short reader feeds"?

  6. #1 definitely happens. However, I know some bloggers who just blog and read but don't comment. Spelling I try not to have any, however I go crazy with the commas!

  7. Ha, I just got distracted for awhile reading LiLu's blog. :) I feel really bad if someone comments on my blog and then I realize I never commented on theirs-- it's one thing if it happens once or twice, but on a daily basis I'm not sure how anybody could not feel like they're being a bad blogger for not reciprocating.

    You know what else bothers me, though? Some people have blogs on sites where you have to be a member to read the blog...that's the only time when I might not post comments, because I don't feel like creating an account.

  8. Number one is also my biggest pet peeve when it comes to blogging. Cliques are everywhere, even in cyberworld! I, like you, decided that instead of being upset or mad about it, I would concerntrate on the readers I do have.

    Ps- I love your cute :)

  9. Love this post! Just had to tell you that :) Thanks for linking to the other one too.. I love reading what bugs people about blogs - because chances are, I agree with them (and you!).

  10. My only pet peeve is when people have conflicting font/background colors. If I have to highlight your text to read your post, I'm probably not going to read it....

    Super cute pic! Is that the Alesha that's running WWR also? And seriously the weather needs to warm up asap so I can wear cute dresses out too. :(

  11. I've been lurking for a few days and felt I should comment :)

    The thing that bugs me about blogs is the clique side, and also the comment portion - if I ask a question on someone's blog, I'd love a response, rather than be ignored. If I ask questions (pertaining to the post, especially) and the blog owner chooses to ignore me, I'll probably stop following the blog eventually.

    On the nutrition a TNT alumni and marathon runner, I'm surprised that the dietician would mention the caffeine pills. I take the gels with caffeine - because that's what I have found works for me - but our nutrition sessions always focused on foods that will help you and never focused on pills of any sort. I also agree that you have to find what works for you. (For my last marathon, I tried ditching soda. For my first marathon, I didn't drink alcohol for four months.)

    Anyway...good luck with your training! :)

  12. Hey lady, sorry I have not been commenting, I have def been reading. I totally agree with number 1. I think I was spending too much time reading and commenting on too many blogs, and most of those not reciprocating so I sort of got burned out with it all. I was actually thinking about giving it up totally but your post made me realize that I do appreciate the people that do read and comment regularly, so maybe I will get back at it. Great post!

  13. I will have you know that my following is only 50% in DC, thankyouverymuch young lady! ;-)

    And YES about #1. It gets harder and harder but if I can't show a regular commenter some love and vice versa, then... yeah. I probably won't stop by anymore. The Bloggess is my one exception to this rule, or so I thought... until she commented on me! Apparently two years of adoration finally paid off!

  14. Short reader feeds?

    What does that mean?

  15. Cute pic!! I totally agree with you on #1. If I am reading your blog at least answer my questions/comments or check mine out and vice versa! I always try to check out everyone's blog that comments on mine. What is short reader feed?? I'm clueless!

  16. Ah, that drives me crazy, too :)

  17. I completely agree with number 1! Where's the wedding in the NC mountains? Husband and I got married in Blowing Rock, NC at Chetola. Enjoy the weekend in the mountains, should be a good one.

  18. Super cute picture! I LOVE LOVE LOVE both your dresses. I need more summery dresses AND you're both soooo tan, I'm jealous! (Sun, please come out.)

    What's a short reader feed? Do I have that? I'm totally reader inept!

    I too, feel that I would rather read blogs that I feel a connection to. I'm all about the @ reply on twitter. =)

  19. However, I just learned how to see the old @ I didn't respond to one of your @'s it's probably b/c I missed it. =)

  20. I try to do the best I can with commenting or responding to comments. This is definitely easier when I am not feeling like a big mess o' crap. But, anyway, it'd be nice to see some love from a few folks once in a while.
    Get that run in after work tomorrow instead of happy hour. :) Kidding, I am sure you'll get it in.

  21. I totally agree about #1! I've read/commented on some of the "big" blogs for a long time, and I've never once heard from them. I just kind of skim through them now and read more closely the blogs that I have a "connection" with and actually feel like I'm getting to know the person with our conversations/commenting. There are a few bigger runner bloggers (with 50+ commenters/day!) who immediately started commenting on my blog and responding to me after I found theirs. I agree...blogging is about building a community and conversing, so it can't be a one way street! Lots of people agree, based on all these comments!

  22. Crap, I thought I commented on this yesterday. I wanted to say, I fell out of the habit of commenting on other people's blogs while doing the round up for the paper. It just became too much. Since more people are now helping out, it gives me time to invest in the community of blogs I enjoy.

    Things that bug me about blogs? The blogs that are only about giveaways. I think contests are fun, but too much cheapens the sphere.

    I start back to the gym on Monday. I have a lot of hope that I'll do better this time around.

  23. My pet peeve is the confirmation word on comment boxes - they can get really annouying to fill out.

    I read most blogs on my phone, since any blo'gspot' website is blocked at work - and I have no idea what it is, but your comment form doesn't work on my phone! I have to try to remember to come back to your blog once I'm on my home computer, and I don't always get a chance to :(

    I love your blog, and I'm always thinking of commenting back. I'm also super excited for MCM training and running!

  24. Holy cow, look at all your comments! I'm sure I bug lots of people because I am not very diligent about reading other people's blogs, just because I think I spend too much time on the computer already, and there are SO many good ones out there!...BUT I always read the blogs of people who comment on mine, and the people I've gotten to know pretty well on Twitter and what have you. It does bug me when people's posts are really long and wordy. I like short, sweet posts well-written with lots of pictures. I'm more likely to read a person's blog if I don't have to spend more than 3 minutes reading a post. Wow. This is a wordy comment. haha ;)

  25. I definitely feel you on those things :) I hate the short reader thing too!!! I am glad I found you on twitter and your blog :)

  26. what bugs me:

    -- badly written blogs that have tons of readers!!!

    honestly, it drives me insane. i've had to delete such blogs from my readers because i end up seething in front of my mac, thinking, "WHY does this person have a 9000 person following while i don't??" yes, it's the green monster of jealousy (as opposed to the edible kind) speaking, but i don't care. it annoys me!

  27. hmmm my biggest peeve....probably super duper duper duper long posts. I can't read or remember it all to even comment

  28. Same thing - when people don't comment back on my blog. Although, I will admit that sometimes I'll see a less popular blog and commented once, then forget the address since it's not in my reader.

  29. Running blogs never bother me...but what bothers me is when people take photos of their food, and it's the same dang food everyday! Let's get some variety up in here! I KNOW they like oatmeal, wraps and green smoothies...but there's gotta be more out there to eat!!!

    OK, rambling! haha.