Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up: 3 Workouts!

Monday morning....not my favorite day. But I did have a great weekend and managed to get three workouts in!

Friday night I attempted to do some hill repeats on the bridge, and didn't get too far :) I basically ran almost a mile to warm up and then ran up the steep side of the hill, back down, and attempted a second run up. I gave up because it was Friday and it was hot :) Next time I do these I am going to do 1/4 mile repeats. Much easier than MILE repeats...what was I thinking.

Saturday I wasn't planning on working out, but around 2 pm I got bored of studying so I decided to go on a bike ride to work off my lunch. I was so glad I went! I managed to ride 12 miles and explored my soon to be new neighborhood. I wished I had brought a camera because it was so beautiful down on the marsh overlooking the river.

After the ride I decided to go return my new shoes that I was NOT happy with all last week. So I headed out to TrySports to see what I could find. This time I remembered to bring my old Adidas that I trained for (and ran) the last marathon in. The very helpful Diego looked at my tread and told me that I had way too much arch support and was rolling onto the outside of my feet when I ran (I forget which kind of pronating that is...) So he told me I basically needed a shoe with no support, and could possibly go with some orthotics or insoles after I tried them out on their own.

I ended up with a shiny new pair of Saucony ProGrid Rides. I freaking love them!

They're light and they have a nice sized toe box which is essential for long runs because your feet will swell. I also got a 1/2 size larger than the Asics I was returning. They felt fab on my feet during the run yesterday. I may not even need insoles! Plus they're a pretty silver and pink :) AND I got $40 back!

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early for my long run with my TNT group. We had 10 miles on the schedule that day, but we ended up taking a bit of a detour to run through the Harbor Fest down on Concord Street to see the tall ships in the harbor. I love tall pirate-like ships, they always remind me of The Goonies! (Only one of the best movies ever made.)

My Garmin is SERIOUSLY not liking the heat and how much I sweat. Every time I take it out when its hot for a long run, it gets really cranky and starts yelling at me and switching screens. I have reset it multiple times so I may have to send it back in to Garmin. I'm going to try getting a wrist band to put underneath it to possibly shelter it from my sweat??

It's odd to me because I was under the impression these $300 watches were MADE for athletes. Huh. Anyways, that was annoying. Luckily once we were done with the run it came back to its senses and let me know we actually ran about 12.2! (I did a little more than the team because I ran to the starting point from my apartment and then ran back.)

This time I succumbed to the walk/run method and it was actually nice given the heat and humidity. Plus we were able to keep a pretty decent pace during the running portions. Our Coach went a bit further at convincing me to train with the walk/run method druing the run:
  • If you train with walk/run, you recover faster and can get in more miles during the week. (This is so true, I felt fine all day yesterday and today even though that was my longest distance run since the marathon May 2nd. In fact I will definitely be working out tonight, something I never do on Monday's after long runs.)
  • You don't have to (and she said I wouldn't) run the actual marathon using walk/run.
  • Once we get up to higher mileage, I could possibly start out half of the run doing walk/run and then finish the second half with a strong consistent run.
So all in all I may be convinced, it was nice to actually run with the group this time and get to know everyone better. But I guess the real test will be if the walk/run method can actually translate into me RUNNING the whole marathon.

After a much-needed shower (I was DRENCHED in sweat! Mid-run I realized I was sloshing in my gross.) and a short nap....Matt and I headed out to the downtown Charleston chapter of Habitat for Humanity's Pig 'N Pluck!

Basically it was at the greatest locale in Charleston (in my opinion) Bowen's Island Restaurant.

The restaurant actually burnt down a few months ago and they are currently rebuilding it, but they still have their docks and covered shelter on the dock where the Bluegrass band played.

It is just gorgeous. Right on the water, on the marsh. I love Charleston. Check out the crappy iPhone pics. (I need a new camera.)

Matt enjoyed the Hometeam BBQ. (As did I.)

Beautiful Lowcountry marshes.

Kids even enjoyed the day!

Sandy and Jason stopped by!
There was lots of beer...And Matt made some new friends! (and apparently leaned on some paint somewhere...)

Although the pics look dark it was actually REALLY sunny and hot. I belive it was 98 yesterday? I worked the first hour at the registration table (I'm on a Habitat committee) and was sweating bullets until the hour was up. Then I went to chill on the dock with the breeze. We hung out from 3 to almost 8 yesterday and we were exhausted by the time we got home.

Great weekend, great weather, great workouts. What more could a girl need?

This week I'm planning on doing some health + nutrition related posts so stay tuned!


  1. wow. what a busy weekend! I'm finally getting back into the swing of things, and have almost decided on my next marathon. Good job on all of your workouts!!

  2. Busy busy! Sounds like a fun weekend! I'm interested to see how the walk/run method works for you! My problem with it is that when I stop to walk, I don't want to run anymore and it hurts more to start running again after I walk. But you had some really good points about it!! Great job on all your workouts!

  3. You had a packed weekend. Way to get all those workouts in, especially in the heat. Hope studying is going well.

  4. Busy weekend! Mile repeats...brutal! Try the quick release strap for you Garmin it will insulate it some from your wrist

  5. What a fun weekend! Looks like the Pig N Pluck was a blast, even in the heat!

    That's odd that your garmin is acting mine...I've never had problems despite immense sweating.

  6. Busy busy! Fun pictures. Great workouts.

    And, what, what? My beloved Saucony progrid rides come in PINK!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Sounds like a very busy and great weekend!!

    I have been using a wristband under my Garmin aka Javier and I love it! I sweat way too much and this keeps it protected and it doesn't slide around on my arm.

    Which btw, have you named your Garmin? :)

  8. busyyyyyyy weekend!!! great job on all the workouts!

  9. For Garmin, lock the bezel when you start ... that way it won't go nuts and also it won't react to everything. I also find that when is goes a little wild, my fingers/hands are so wet that I can't bring it back. Also, update to the latest firmware to turn off the "Timeout" feature...
    My last 2 pairs of Asics have produced foot issues. I may check out the Saucony's...but love Brooks shoes now.

  10. Those were some great workouts. I am glad you got some shoes that work for you!

  11. I LOVE Saucony's for road running. The "generous" toe box is perfect for my "generous" full-volume feet. ;)

  12. Glad you guys had fun at Pig and Pluck, looks like a great time! Congrats on your 12.2. I think the walk/run combo is growing on me for summer runs at least.
    You would think Garmin could handle sweat. Mine hasn't freaked out on me too much, just some extra random beeping and an occasional screen switch.

  13. Sorry about your Garmin. I try to wipe the sweat off mine every time I finish a run, just to make sure nothing dries up on the contacts and makes a mess.

    Awesome weekend of workouts, lady!

  14. OMG Goonies is one of my FAVORITE movies. Last summer I went to visit my best friend in Portland, and we drove to Astoria where the movie was made. Probably one of the greatest days of my life. Hah. Nice job on the long run, and completely agreed that you are CRAZY for thinking mile repeats of hills are a good idea. (Although it probably is a GREAT idea, now that I think about it.... barely a month until we run MOUNTAINS!)

  15. awww looks like it was a great weekend! i have learned (umm the hard way) that we really should just listen to the experts when it comes to running shoes. i dont think i ever really believed that i didnt need arch support. cushion = good, right? nope not so much. so happy you got good shoes! i need to buy new ones ASAP as my toe is still effed up! bartending aggravates it too :(

  16. Love the shoes! You're making me miss my Sauconys :(

    Looks like a fun day, too!! So beautiful there. You're so lucky!

  17. It's a big reason why I went with the 305 instead of the new one - I was hearing how sweat-sensitive the bezel was. I think peeps do wear wristbands under to take care of that issue though - good luck!