Saturday, June 13, 2009

I love goodies :)

If you haven't added your two cents yet, head over to Thursday's post about what bugs us about blogs. Don't be shy, we're all friends here!
I didn't talk too much about it, but last month I did Bobbi's Simple Life Challenge. Basically, the challenge was to make your life more simple and green by doing things like, making your own coffee vs. buying at Starbucks, running/walking/riding bike/riding public transport to work instead of driving, making your own gifts, NOT going out to eat all month, starting your own gardens, etc. etc.

Since I am poor and already do all of those things (well, except for the getting to work thing. This girl drives) I didn't rack up too many points. But it was fun nonetheless and it was good not going out to eat too much. At the end of the challenge we were given a 'buddy' to send a small gift to, just to say congrats on finishing.

My buddy was Meredith, from Balance for MEre, and it has been great getting to know her through her blog better over the past few weeks. Bonus, she lives in my favorite (home) state, North Carolina. She actually lives pretty close to where I grew up. And, y'all send her some congrats because she recently ran her first 5k!

Thursday, I got Meredith's package and wow, did she do too much!

  • 1 Pecan Pie Larabar
  • $15 gift card to iTunes
  • 5 Odwalla bars
  • 3 all natural fruit leathers (Matt begged for the grape, "Ooo, Fruit Roll Ups!")
  • 1 purse size fold up reusable shopping bag (SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS)
  • 1 bag of Wasabi flavored roasted edamame
No, she didn't send the 'NAM: A Photographic History' book. Apparently Matt considers this some light reading, approp for the coffee table.

I might have eaten two of the fruit leathers as soon as I opened the package...oopsies! Meredith, you can ask my friend Alesha, but I bought your present last weekend at the market downtown...I have been toting it around in my purse since then. As soon as I can get to a post office it's on its way to you!

Hope everyone has a fab Saturday, I am currently on my way to the North Carolina mountains!


  1. Yay! I am glad you like your package! I carry a reusable bag in my purse all the time. Have fun in the mountains!

  2. Little bag like that in your purse is a really good idea!

  3. Yay for fun gifts!! Hope you have fun in the mountains!

  4. Ha, I actually have a copy of that Vietnam book...

    It's okay, though, because I plan to use it to teach :)

  5. yeahh! that's so fun! I can't wait to see what my buddy sends

  6. Have a blast at the wedding, love! xo

  7. Have fun this weekend! I miss mountains!

  8. Fun, look at all those goodies! I heart Itunes gift cards!

    P.S. The twitter photos of the wedding were absolutely gorgeous.

  9. That's fun!! Those fruit leathers are yum!