Saturday, March 7, 2009

LifePoint 5k Race Report + New PR!

Whew! Beautiful Saturday morning (high 60s and clear, supposed to be in the 80s today!) and I already knocked out my morning 5k. The LifePoint 5k Run/Walk was at James Island County Park, which I had never been to before, and it was nice.

There was only one problem....hundreds of BUGS!

Matt went with me and we both were getting eaten alive by gnats waiting on the race to start. After it was over, I think I picked like 10 of those things off my face/neck/ gross!

The race was small and they didn't use any timing chips, my first race without them! So the "starting line" was just a chalk line on the grass. Here is everyone lined up waiting to go.

The race took us through the park, winding through weeping willows and marshland on the bike trail. I didn't get many pics, sorry! Here's me pre-race:

But, I did set a new PR of 25:30!!! Matt said I was the 6th or 7th female to cross the finish line! Woo hoo!

We didn't wait around afterwards, we were getting eaten up pretty badly by the gnats. But I was so excited that I beat my previous PR of 26:17. I am so happy that I am getting faster and more fit!

For the rest of the day, I think I am going to shower and get some breakfast and then get to studying for my exam! I also need to do some cleaning. I have to make sure I drink a ton of water today...17 miles on the agenda for tomorrow... :( I think I might also work on a new route so I'm not running over the bridge...i.e. something a bit more flat :)

Also, the Charleston Food and Wine Festival is in town this weekend (and Food Network's Bobby Flay) so we might possibly check that out.

Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday! Go outside and play!


  1. Just wanted to say I agree about those Nasty Gnats at the park this morning ! I think over 250 runners and walkers crossed the finish line! Congrats on beating your PR and supporting a great cause!

  2. Wooohoooo!!! 25:30 is an awesome time! Great great job on a fantastic PR :)

  3. Nice work on the PR - congrats!

  4. Sweet PR! I am loving this weather, but NOT the bugs.