Friday, June 12, 2009

Attack of the monkeys!

Thanks for all of the comments on yesterday's post, What bugs YOU about blogs?? Thanks again to LiLu for sparking the debate. (Also, just so you know, my girl is getting a TON of visitors to her site per day, from all over the place, not just DC. It must be the TMI Thursday! She actually was JUST named as the featured blogger on 20 something bloggers! Congrats lady!)

I think we can all agree that we want more blog love between us and our favorite bloggers. It's no fun to comment and comment somewhere and never get a response. I actually felt pretty good yesterday organizing my Google Reader into a folder with just those who communicate with me, whether that is via comments, responses, emails, whatever. That way I can easily read through all of your posts. Love it! (I'm actually trying to figure out how to switch to Wordpress so I can quickly respond to comments via email. If anyone has any tips for me, let me know!)

For almost all of you who asked, short reader feeds are when bloggers shorten their posts when they're in readers (i.e. Google Reader) so to read the rest of the post you have to click through to the site. This doesn't mean I don't read the blog, it just may take me a bit longer :)

I hope I didn't offend anyone with this, but I thought it was interesting, and was definitely something I needed to get off my chest. I freaking LOVE the running blog community, and what I love most is that we are all excruciatingly honest with each other. At least, that's what I'm striving for.

If you haven't commented yet, please head over there and give me your thoughts! I like the conversation we're having :)
I was tagged a while ago by my favorite running blogger with 'tude, Mica. Sorry this has taken so long but GAH I've been so busy not running and all. But it's Friday and I'm feeling lazy so here goes.

Where I blog (most of the time):

We have a pretty small one bedroom apartment, so for right now, our kitchen table doubles as our desk. Unfortunately since Matt is still in school, it's usually pretty messy. I was gonna clean up for the picture, but eh, too much effort. Matt has this horrible habit of hanging up his jeans on the chairs when he changes into shorts. The dining room/office/living room is not your closet baby! He knows I hate this yet he continues doing it. I guess he could do worse things.

What are you wearing right now?


What’s the last thing you read/what are you currently reading?

Runners World Magazine. Marathon Challenge!

Do you nap a lot?

No! I only nap if I'm sick.

Who was the last person you hugged?


What’s your current obsession/addiction?

Hmm. I like this whole blog thing! Also, marathon training and juicing.

(I added this one) What is your dream job?

A travel writer! Seriously, how cool would that be.

What’s for dinner?

Cornish game hens roasting away in the slow cooker.

What was the last thing you bought?

Other than food? Probably a pair of running shorts for $6.99 at TJ Maxx. Score!

What are you listening to right now?

I really want the new Dave Matthews CD. Also that new Black Eyed Peas song is playing in my head. Something about having a good night.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Flying!!! I always have dreams I can fly and wake up sorely disappointed.

What is your favorite kind of weather and why?

I love love love springtime! High 60's with a breeze baby. Of course, the 70s are nice too on the beach.

What time do you usually wake up?

I always try to get up at 5:30 and run. But I usually end up rolling out of bed around 6:30-7 AM wondering why I keep setting my alarm for so early.

What is your most challenging goal right now?

Passing the Series 7 exam. Boo! Maybe this is why I didn't pass the first time....

Favorite pair of shoes you keep going back to over and over again even though you have a zillion others?

I have a pair of black and cream patent BCBG pumps that are my favorite. Unfortunately I have worn them to death and the cobbler tells me he cannot fix them. So, I guess I would say I no longer have a favorite pair. So, maybe my $3 gold Old Navy flips?

Name one thing you can’t live without.

Cell phone. LoveitGottahaveit.

What time is bedtime?

9:30-11:30. I always shoot for earlier but it depends whats on TV :) (Tuesday nights it's always later...REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NJ)

If there was one place you could be right now, where would it be?

Back packing through Europe with my boo. And since it is also Foto Friday, maybe somewhere that looks like this...
Houses of Parliament, London 2005
(When I was a wee one in college who made poor fashion decisions)

Arc de Triumphe, Paris 2006
(My fave photo ever)

Northwest Territory, Australian Outback 2006
(Hmm, I look a 'lil hefty there. But look! I have boobs!)
Uluwatu Temple, Bali, Indonesia 2006
(Getting attacked by a monkey so please excuse the double chin)

Town of Makrigialos on the island Crete in Greece, 2007

The town of Ia on the island Santorini, Greece 2007

Dominican Republic 2008 with my girls LiLu and Mere!

So yeah, I guess I have had a lot of contact with monkeys in my life.

Headed to the mountains tomorrow for yet another wedding. This one should be swank though, it's black tie!

Ran 4.41 last night sucked! I started out fine but ended up taking a few walk breaks. I need new shoes. My muscles were tight. Ugh, hope it gets better!


  1. Great pictures of your trips - it looks like you've been all over!

  2. Cute photos! I think I've been to that part of the outback too-- looks familiar, ha-- in high school, BUT not to any of the other places you've traveled.

    And not to undermine you, but those jeans in the photo of your table are kind of adorable. I definitely sometimes have the urge to just rip off my clothes and put on something comfy the instant I walk in the door!

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  4. Love your kitchen table (random, sorry). And I do the same thing as your BF, only on a random wayward chair in my TEENY TINY hallway. Apparently I want to shed my dress pants AS SOON as I walk in the door. Amazing pics of your travels. Very jealous. :) Little does Tay know, but we're TOTALLY going to Greece if/when we get married and have a honeymoon. Hehehe.

  5. Aw, thanks for the pimpage, darling! And I LOVE that pic of us. xoxo

  6. Wow you've been some really cool places. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go to Bali and Greece. Those are definitely on my bucket list!

    Thanks too for the clarification about the "short reader" thing. I'm still not sure if my blog does this or how to fix it if it does but at least I'm aware that it annoys people =).

    Have fun at the wedding!

  7. Haha, "Blogger with a 'tude". I hope that doesn't mean I'm a bitch. ;-)

    You've done some awesome traveling!

  8. Wow! You have been all over!! My BF is trying to talk me into Australia but we'll see... :) Let me know how the switch to wordpress goes. I've kinda been looking into it too but not really sure what all the advantages would be.

  9. You have been to tons of great places! Good luck with the series 7 exam.

  10. I think I will do this survey later :) I love reading them and (usually love) filling them out!

    Ps- I don't think you should be worried about offending anyone. The only people who I think would be offended are the offenders (make sense). I think you are point on. The other blog thing that annoys me is when people don't ever answer people's comments. I read one girls blog (but won't be for much longer) and she NEVER answers or replies to anyone. UGH!

  11. I think you sparked a very good debate. I do the same thing with my google reader, have it organized into a lot of different folders :)

    BUT some of these bloggers that have 1000+ readers, I cant imagine having the time to read all of those blogs. I read about 300 and its VERY time consuming. But still I do agree about your open communication. I tend to stop commenting on those BIG blogs that dont comment back just because, I like to comment on people who comment on mine. I still read but only comment every so often. I also make sure to add to my reader every time I get a new commenter :)

  12. I'm glad you liked your bag of stuff! I had a lot of fun picking stuff out. Have fun at the wedding and enjoy your time in the mountains. I think being in the mountains is so peaceful. I feel the same way about sitting by the ocean.

  13. You have been all over the place! I'm so jealous! I always think about how beautiful it is in other places (Santorini, ROME, etc!) and then I think it's so boring where I live.

  14. Great pictures!!! I have always been very fond of monkeys. I'm sorry, but they are like little human beings, aren't threy? So cute!

    Am I on a short feed reader? I hope not because it would be an accident if I am. LOL

  15. Ugh - I hear you about setting the alarm for 5:30a but not getting up until 6:30a. I have such a hard time!

    Good idea on organizing Google Reader into folders - I'll have to try that. First I gotta figure out how to do it.