Thursday, June 25, 2009

The big day is here!

Well it has been a busy week, and it's only going to get busier.

Had a GREAT solo run last night (my first run on my own, too long ago) over the bridge. I'm still not where I want to be with speed or endurance, but I felt pretty good throughout the 5.5 mile run. I really, really needed a solid run yesterday as Monday and Tuesday I didn't have the time to hit the streets. (Tuesday night was our TNT social, it was fun! I even got some goodies for having over $500 in my fundraising account!)

I think my average pace last night was 10:02? Not bad. I took one short walk break. I need to be getting these shorter runs down in the 9-9:15 range though! I think I can do it.

What I did realize during my run was that just running the bridge (over and back) is not going to be sufficient for hill training (it's the only hill in Charleston. Truth.) If I learned anything with my first marathon, it was that this flatlander definitely needs to step up the hills!

So starting next week I will be doing hill repeats up the steep side of the bridge once a week. I figure a good workout would be to warm up for a mile and then do maybe 4 x .5 mile repeats? I would either jog or walk down the hill between repeats, then afterwards cool down for a mile. I'd say from the bottom of the hill to the peak, it's maybe .5 to .75 miles. I guess I could start with that and see if I could make it/need to add more.

Also, I tried my new shoes out again, this time I took out my old insoles. That helped a lot! But I still need more arch support so as soon as I can afford to order some new Superfeet I think that will make all the difference!

After my run I hit up the Teet for some last minute supplies for my dessert-a-thon tonight! Then I headed to Cupcake to pick up the cupcakes they donated for tonight's event. I'm glad I'm not a cupcake fiend because if I was, I would imagine it would have been hard to resist one of those last night...

I also stayed up baking/cleaning/arranging until past 1 AM! Needless to say I was struggling this morning. I still have some last minute things to do (and bake) before people start arriving at 7, so I'm hoping to leave work a bit early to finish things up.

In other news, we found an apartment! It's fantastic and actually a lot bigger than the one we have now for about the same rent. Plus, now we will have a washer/dryer AND a dishwasher!! Yeah, we live in a really small and older apartment so those luxuries have been a thing of the past for the last year...not any more! It is really nice and we are both super excited. We will be moving at the end of July!

We have a lot going on at work today so I will be busy busy 'till closing time. Hope to see some of you tonight! (Or either, see your beautiful names on my donation page :)


  1. Hope the dessert-a-thon goes well tonight! Great job on the run too!

  2. I hope your dessert-a-thon tonight! After all your hard work, I'm sure it will be awesome.

  3. Gook luck tonight!

    Every time I read one of your posts, I get so excited for the marathon. It sounds like your training is going well!

  4. Just found your blog- I'm running a fall TnT event also! Good luck with your fundraiser tonight :)

  5. Hill training will come in handy for the last 0.2 miles of Marine Corps that are UPHILL. Silly Marines.

    Good luck with your fundraiser tonight, I hope you have an awesome showing!

  6. Congrats on finding a new apartment! Hope tonight goes well.
    I just noticed your races. I think I will be running the Raleigh full if not, the half. I also ran the Thunder Road full this past December.

  7. Yay for finding a new apartment! Good luck on your fundraiser tonight!

  8. I was just thinking that I need to start doing hill repeats myself. And yep the bridge is really our only option. See you tonight!

  9. have fun tonight and good luck!!!!!

  10. I hope your fundraiser goes great tonight! Good luck on the hill work, I'm trying to throw in some hills in my training so I don't die on the MOUNTAINS in Colo. So scared. Hah.

  11. Good luck tonight, mama!!!

  12. How long has there been a Taco Boy downtown?? I thought it was just at Folly?