Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well I know I have been absent, I never even gave you Part 2 of my Marine Corps Marathon experience. I have been a bad blogger. I can't promise I will be better about posting in the new year, because well, I have a feeling this is going to be the busiest year of my life to date. But definitely, in a good way. Growing up ain't easy, folks.

My 2009 in Review:
  • I left the world of public relations and marketing & started a new career in the world of finance.
  • I began the grueling process of taking three tests to get licensed in my field.
  • I passed all of my tests! Including the horrendous Series 7.
  • I trained for and ran in my first marathon, the NC Marathon in May.
  • I ran a 200 mile relay race through Colorado with 11 other new friends.
  • We moved into a new apartment.
  • I got addicted to power yoga & practiced it as frequently as I could.
  • I chopped all my hair off!
  • We joined our first CSA & experienced a variety of local veggies we had never eaten before.
  • I kept training and raised over $3,500 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through their Team in Training Program.
  • I ran my second marathon in 2009 with TNT, the Marine Corps Marathon.
  • I got injured at mile 21 of the Marine Corps Marathon, & barely finished it in 4:47 thanks solely to Katy pushing me through!
  • We made so many new friends in Charleston, I started a monthly supper club with a fantastic group of women, & Matt and I fell more in love with the Lowcountry than ever.
Oh yeah, and I'm still injured! If you follow me on Twitter, you would know that since the marathon at the end of October I have been injured & therefore not running very frequently. At first I thought it was my ITB, then perhaps my PCL. The physical therapist said it was tendinitis but I've been doing the strengthening exercises he gave me, & it's not getting any better.

So my goal of 2010? To get up & running again! I'm going to try the Active Release Technique of chiropractic next week and if that doesn't help, I'm going to a sports medicine orthopedist. It's been challenging, but at least it has got me cross-training!

I'm really looking forward to continue to challenge my body in 2010 through new forms of exercise. I'm biking more & working out in the gym more. I hope to continue my yoga practice & visit my favorite studio at least twice a week. Matt & I are even doing a cleansing detox next week to get our year started off right! (My personal goal? Get my body looking somewhat like Shakira's. Yeah, I know it's a lofty goal.)

Well, I'm either going to go workout or continue to sit here, drink coffee & lazily watch TV while Matt sleeps in.

Happy New Year everyone!!