Thursday, June 18, 2009

I wasn't going to post today but...

...I had a KILLER workout last night with my TNT group that I just had to share.

Coach Barbara is amazing, and incredibly fit. She has a daughter about my age but is WAY more in shape than I am! She's run over 30 marathons (including Boston) so she pretty much knows her stuff.

So I ran to and from the practice last night which was a little less than 2 miles from my apartment. (I almost had to sprint there because I was running late, so I was pretty tired before it even started.) We immediately got started on this killer workout.

Basically, you do each conditioning exercise for one minute. We did this on a track and used yoga mats for some of the exercises, and other things (fences, curbs) for some of the stretching and leg lifts. Check it out!

***UPDATED TO ADD: If you want a Word doc of this, let me know and I can email it out!***

1 Minute/1 Hour Conditioning Workout
By: TNT Coach Barbara Halpern

Cardio (10 Minutes)
Easy running
Chase (R/L) - Running sideways, shuffling heels together)
Fast grapevine (R/L)
Walking high leg kicks (R/L)
Walking alternating lunges
Backwards running
Forward easy run
Bleacher or bench step-ups (Step up right, step up left, step down right, step down left, repeast with left side up first) 2 minutes

Strengthening (20 Minutes)
Side-lying leg lifts
Side -lying leg circles -two directions, as big as you can make it
Side-lying, top leg forward toe-taps
**Do all of these for a total of 4 minutes, then repeat on other side**
Pelvic lifts up -on back
Pelvic lifts- right and left
Standing heel taps (R/L) - We used a curb for these, one leg on curb, other foot heel tapping the ground, about 4 inches down

Standing rear leg lifts (don't touch up leg to ground)
Standing rear bent leg lifts
Standing rear bent leg pulses
**Do all three then repeat on other side**

Core Strength (10 Minutes)
On back, limbs form X, R arm to L foot touch (then reverse)
Pike - Arms touch straight legs
Elbow to knee bicycle crunch

Tibetins (head lifted, straight legs lift, legs down, head down)
Oblique twist "chasers" with straight legs (Arms out, R leg down to R hand, L leg follows, L leg up, R leg follows, then reverse)
Swim (Just like superman, but use arms and legs to "swim," R arm up, L leg up, reverse)

Stretching (10 Minutes)
Standing single-leg balances (Eyes open and eyes closed, R/L) - This is to strengthen our ankles so they're less likely to twist!

Might be kind of tough to understand, so if you have any questions about a specific exercise, email me! excited about my dessert charity night! Yesterday I found out that a local bakery, Cupcake, is donating cupcakes for the evening!

Woo hoo now I don't have to bake as much :) Thanks go out to Kristin, owner and cupcake extraordinaire, who is also training for an endurance event!

Have a great Thursday folks, almost the weekend!


  1. Whoaaa, that sounds like an INTENSE workout, and your coach sounds like a hoss!

  2. Wow! Workout sounds tough but good!! So excited for you that Cupcake is donating to your event!!

  3. That sounds easy in theory, but I bet so hard in reality. I would be so sore the next day...

  4. Oh My! Are you feeling the workout today? I don't think I'd be able to walk after that. If you don't mind, would you email me the workout in a word doc?

    Good luck on the studying!

  5. Good luck tonight, darlin! Save me one!!

  6. Hella workout!! Cupcake rocks, they are so sweet and rich but Rich and I LOVE them!

  7. Intense workout! those cupcakes look amazing..doesn't help that I am starving right now!

  8. That workout is making me crave a cupcake. Doubly successful post. :) You should totally email me the word doc version of that. Also a cupcake if you can figure out how to convert a delicious cupcake into html coding (I'm not sure if that's the correct term, but it sounds techy enough, HA!)

  9. That's awesome! Go you!

    And please direct me to this post when, in two weeks, I complain about coming back from vacation and being lazy. Thanks.

  10. Glad you're liking the TNT stuff!

  11. Whew! Sounds like an insane workout!!

  12. I stumbled across your blog and got all excited because a. you're in Charleston and b. you are training with TNT! I had the privilege of training with Coach Barbara last summer...she is amazing! I even got to run Chicago with her! Good luck and have fun at MCM! I'll be out there too!

  13. Thank you for the wonderful goodies!