Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Life for the Next Month...

Just as an FYI, especially in light of our #1 blog pet peeve, for the next 4 weeks I am going to be so busy I can't think straight. My job literally depends upon whether I can pass this test (that I failed the first time) that I'm taking again on July 13th. So every spare waking moment for the next four weeks I will have my nose in the books and will be up to my ears in stocks, bonds and the dreaded options.

On top of that, I am trying to get back into training for marathon #2, I have twice weekly training sessions with TNT, commitments with our local Habitat for Humanity, I am attempting to plan a running bloggers conference AND somewhere in there I have to raise $3,000+ dollars by August 23rd.

I'm not complaining. I love my life right now and I love to be busy. And I'm sure that most of you are laughing at me because you probably juggle all that on top of taking care of children, moving & starting new jobs, training for an ultra, race around the world or adventure race, transitioning to a morning runner or something equally taxing.

But all I'm saying is that I'm here, and I'm reading when I can and commenting when I can. I love this community and I love learning from all of you who undoubtedly accomplish more than I do daily. My posts may get sporadic because I am seriously (not kidding) OCD and cannot concentrate on more than one thing at once, but I'm not leaving!

I will be lurking your corners of the interwebs and stalking your every move, don't you worry.

Thank you so much for everyone's thoughts these past few weeks. I think last Thursday's post was the most commented one I have had so far. It was really interesting to see what everyone was annoyed with by blogs. Here is the rundown:
  • Bloggers who don't share the love & only communicate with their cliques
  • Blogs with a ton of grammatical errors
  • Blogs with weird font and backgrounds that make it hard to read
  • Blogs that you have to be a member of to comment
  • Shortened Reader feeds (such as in Google Reader) where the post is only a tease and you have to click through to read the rest
  • Bloggers who refuse to follow anyone on Twitter
  • Blogs that are only about giveaways
  • Confirmation words on comment boxes
  • Long posts and wordy posts with no pictures (hmm, maybe I should add a pic here, this one is getting long...Ok, that's better :)
  • Badly written blogs with tons of readers! (Gah, I hate this too, glad someone brought it up.)
  • Small font! (I agree, I'm sooo blind)
So let's all promise here and now we won't do these things?! Then we can all get back to loving everyone's blog and commenting and learning and getting to know each other and all that sunshiny crap :)

Thanks also for your support for my dessert & coffee charity night next week! I think it's definitely going to be fun and I hope I have a good turnout! I live in a big apartment building with 12 floors, so I am inviting everyone in the building and hoping it will be like a "block party" type thing where we can all meet each other (since I don't know too many people in the building). I will keep ya updated on that as well.
  • TNT practice (and thus my first run since Saturday) was stormed out last night due to serious lightning, much to my dismay, so instead I did some planks and some push-ups.
  • I'm on this new push-up kick. Trying to do 50 (girl) push-ups MWF along with abs, hopefully working up to real push ups.
  • Practice was rescheduled for tonight. I have no idea what we're doing (it's a conditioning practice) but it starts a little over a mile from my apartment so I'm going to run there and back.
  • I've got 19 weeks till the marathon and about 50 days until the Wild West I better get my rear in gear. Maybe I will go rogue like Miss Alisa, seems to be working out for her!


  1. I am often a repeat offender of long posts with no pictures, I better work on that! I always mean to take pictures of my runs/bikes (not my swims sorry iphone isn't water proof) but it never happens.

    Wow you are busy! I love to be busy too! I think I'm more productive when I'm busy, no time to procrastinate =).

    Rogue isn't for everyone but it seems to be agreeing with me!

  2. Best of luck with that test! You can do it!

  3. Good luck with the studying. Remember this crazy time is only short-term. In a few weeks it will be over. You can do anything short-term.

  4. Busy, busy girl! It's good for you are going to get a lot accomplished and it's going to feel GREAT! :) Good luck studying, too! Just think of the first time taking it as PRACTICE, and that this is the real thing. YOU GOT THIS!!!

  5. You are a busy gal! Focus on the important stuff, like studying, and the rest will still be here!

  6. Focus on your studies. We blogs will be here when you are done and have PASSED (I am thinking positively for you).

    I have decided based on your post's feedback to write my own for feedback- love the the feedback. Based on what people answered on yours I have decided to make an effort to include more pictures. :)

  7. I'll remove my word verification today. ;)

  8. Have fun studying. You are going to do great this time around. No worries!

  9. You'll do fine, dear, I know it! And I'll keep up with you on the phone and Twitter! ;-)

  10. Have fun at practice tonight! Since I often use blogging/reading blogs as a fun way to procrastinate, I totally understand having to turn off for a bit. But I'm really looking forward to hearing how the training is going (and hearing about you passing the exam, of course!).

  11. Good luck with the test and awesome job on the push ups. I honestly think push ups are the most difficult thing to do workout-wise. But like anything, they do get easier with time. 50 days!!! Holy crap. I need to find me some MOUNTAINS to practice on. :)

  12. Good luck with studying! You have a lot on your plate right now! Keep up the good work girl!

  13. good luck with all your crazy busy times!!!

  14. Sounds like you got a lot going on, girl.

    Good luck with the studying & the test!

  15. Running blogger meet up! YES! That would be amazing :) if you need ANY help with planning, don't hesitate to dish something over this way!

    I hear ya - life gets so busy sometimes and blogging can get hard to keep up with. But, if its something you enjoy (even if you don't have time to comment every day!), then it finds a way in somehow. :)

    good luck studying!!

  16. Good luck pushing through the next month - don't worry, we'll be here to read, when you have time to write :)

  17. The pet peeve post was a fantastic success!! (and yes, the short reader feed is gone for good)

    good luck hitting the books!