Thursday, March 12, 2009

Relay Choices + Short Track Workout

Yesterday I posted about how I wanted to do the Bourbon Chase Relay in Kentucky. Some people thought it might be unorganized because it was the inaugural year. So I got to thinking about it, and thought maybe that could be the case. Then some of you suggested alternate relays.

One being the Green Mountain Relay in Vermont from June 20-21st. The other being the Wild West Relay in Colorado August 7-8th. Based on what I could find online, the Wild West Relay looks awesome! Well, they both do really and I have never been to either state, but wouldn't running through Colorado be gorgeous? They even have a Flatlanders category for those of us living below sea level! So funny.

Y'all help me decide! And again, if anyone wants to join, please let me know. If I do Colorado, I would like to form a 6x6 team.

Food & Runnin'
Yesterday for lunch the boo and I made a surprise visit to Greek cafe Papa ZuZu's here in Mt. P. I love that place! I got the veggie pita but instead of pita, I got a spinach wrap. It inlcuded hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, sprouts and more goodness I forget.

After work I went to the track for a quick run. I only had time for 3 miles, and I was feeling kind of quesy so I only got in 4 x 100m sprints. Haven't uploaded my data yet so don't have exact splits, plus I wasn't even paying attention to my Garmin yesterday so I really have no idea what my pace was. I am going to be doing about 8 tonight so hopefully that will make up for it.

We were planning on heading to a dodgeball game to meet some new folks and possibly play, but we ended up getting lost and missing out! So we consoled ourselves with ordering pizza from our favorite local spot, D'Allesandro's Pizza. I even got Matt to go veggie and order a Big Cheesy with mozzarella, parmesan, oregano, ricotta, provolone & feta. Delish! (No I didn't eat 3 huge pieces.)

This morning I was feeling pretty good and made some yummy Total with a plum, some blueberries, ground flax seeds and Light Vanilla Soy Milk. (Sometime I am going to dedicate an entire post to Total and how good it is for you. I am so glad I started eating it recently! It keeps me so full too, love it!)

Gotta be short & sweet today as I must get to work. Hopefully will update soon on our race pick and some running reports from tonight.



  1. That veggie wrap looks delish!! I think I would choose the Colorado relay too! I bet it would be beautiful scenery!

  2. Depending on whereabouts in CO factor in the altitude, that can be brutal!

    Yummy wrap btw!

  3. You know I gotta vote for the Bourbon... ;-)

  4. You know my vote...

    though I bet both will be pretty great.