Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Negative Splits! FINALLY!

Don't have too much time to post, but wanted to brag about my 6 miler last night. I think it was the first time ever that I actually had negative splits! I wasn't feeling all that great (kept getting side stitches again, what's up with that?) but I decided around mile 1 that I felt good enough to run 3 miles out and then turn around to make a quick 6 miler (I was only planning on doing 4.5 to 5).

Here are my totals and split times:

Time: 00:56:17
Distance: 6.06 mi
Elevation Gain: 563 ft
Total Calories: 677 C
Avg Pace: 09:17 min/mi
Best Pace: 07:23 min/mi

Split Time Dist. Elevation Gain Elevation Loss Avg. Speed Max Speed
1 0:09:38 1 77 82 9:38 7:57
2 0:09:26 1 54 47 9:26 8:42
3 0:09:34 1 205 229 9:34 8:04
4 0:09:33 1 68 62 9:33 8:54
5 0:09:03 1 43 73 9:03 8:21
6 0:08:31 1 117 65 8:31 7:23
7 0:00:29 0.06 0 0 7:50 7:35
Summary 0:56:17 6.06 563 557 9:17 7:23

Woo! That took too long to get all that up here, Garmin Connect decided to change up their format...but look at those beautiful split times?? I was sooo proud of myself when I got home! I know that isn't the speediest time ever, but for me, it was just what I needed. I have been running so much slower lately in these long runs that I missed a little bit of speed!

Anyways, yesterday was fairly slow at work. I did manage to have a different breakfast (other than oatmeal or cereal) as I knew I would be eating grains at lunch (leftovers from Monday's shrimp stir fry...even better than last time!).

Vanilla light and fit yogurt, 1/2 a banana, some strawberries, and a scoop of natural PB. It was heaven!

I also had to sip on a double dose of green tea yesterday afternoon, I was so run down, and even left work early with a headache. My run made me feel better though!

Also we made home made pizzas last night for dinner! (We can't do his and hers pizza, we have to make HIS pizza and her pizza...the bf was hungry! Plus then we have leftovers.) His turned out great! I burnt But it was still decent, I ate it. It had spinach, tofu, goat cheese, banana peppers, mushrooms and a few black time I will A) Not burn it, and B) Use frozen spinach and more cheese! (Sorry no pics of burnt pizza) :)

I also didn't have enough time to plan out what I wanted on it (was planning on making baked Tilapia but the boo had a hard day at school and wanted pizza) and ALSO my tomato that I specifically bought for my pizza somehow dissappeared between Publix and out apt...strange indeed.

Gotta get on to work so hopefully will have more updates later on tonight's run! I think I am going to run the bridge (6 miles). Although I need to do some sprints, so I might go to the track...can't decide.

Also...I am finally listed on the Lowcountry Bloggers Blogroll! Really looking forward to meeting some of the other local running bloggers at the iFivek in April!

Hope everyone has a fantastic hump day!


  1. You are speedy! I am going to try to get 6 in today, maybe on the bridge. Are you doing the Bridge Run this year? I usually do but unfortunately have to work this year. Boo! Have a great day.

  2. Soooo I don't know what those numbers mean... but I know you rock! And that strawberries and pizza are delicious. Mmmmm...

  3. Nice splits, girl!! Way to kick it in at the end :)