Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hooray for Spring 6 Miler!

Okay, okay. I know I said I was going to do this on Thursday. But once I got running last night, I decided that my time would be good enough to enter for this virtual "race."

I started off my run after work, and was going to do a 3 mile out and back over the Ravenel Bridge. For the first 3 miles the wind was definitely on my side and I was blazing it! Then when I turned around and the wind was pushing against me, I started to really, REALLY struggle. But once I got up and over the hill and started to descend, it got a little bit easier. I guess I managed to keep a good pace based on these split times:

Split Total Time Total Distance Elevation Gain Elevation Loss Average Speed Max Speed
1 0:09:53 1 337 87 9:53 8:41
2 0:09:13 1 66 134 9:13 8:13
3 0:08:36 1 58 164 8:36 7:55
4 0:09:34 1 132 30 9:34 8:26
5 0:09:25 1 114 140 9:25 7:46
6 0:08:03 1 11 137 8:03 6:54
Summary 0:54:45 6 719 692 9:07 6:54

So my total time was 54:45 with a 9:07 average pace. Not too shabby for lil ole me!

The Course:
(I started & finished about 1/2 mile inland on the right side of this picture)

This is the runners path on the bridge:

This is what the bridge will look like next weekend:

Yep, it's finally here! The 2009 Cooper River Bridge Run will be held next Saturday, April 4th. This event is one of the largest 10k races in the nation with 40,000 runners and over 20,000 spectators. The Holy City is packed to the gills each year during the April race weekend with runners (elite and amateur), tourists, spectators and a general feeling of contagious energy.

This will be my first year living here and also running the race. I have run the past two years but traveled from North Carolina with a group of friends. Those friends are sadly not making it down this year, but my mom and younger brother will be in town and will be cheering Matt and I on!

Yep, even Matt is running! We ran together last year and finished at a respectable time of 1:16:40. I think Matt had trained maybe one day before running it, so I was pretty proud of him! In 2007 I ran my first 10k (and longest distance to that point) in 1:06:14. This year, I am shooting for a sub-9 minute mile pace, putting me in under 56 minutes.

Tonight I am doing an easy 8 miler, so I will update you later on as to how that goes! Have a fantastic Wednesday and a big THANK YOU to RunningLaur for organizing the Hooray for Spring Race!!



  1. Nice job, the bridge is a biatch when it is windy. I am so bummed that I have to work next Saturday, I love the Bridge Run!

  2. Super job! Have a great 8 miler.

  3. Great job on the run! The bridge is beautiful :)

  4. So beautiful!
    I have your time too - thanks for running!!