Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy VDay Y'all

Split times from Friday's run:
1 00:10:31 1.00 mi 10:31 min/mi -- -- 112 C
2 00:10:32 1.00 mi 10:32 min/mi -- -- 114 C
3 00:09:57 1.00 mi 09:57 min/mi -- -- 115 C
4 00:08:31 0.85 mi 10:03 min/mi -- -- 88 C

Activity Type: Street Running
Event Type: Training
Total Time: 00:39:32
Distance: 3.85 mi
Elevation Gain/Loss: 771 ft / 866 ft
Calories: 429 C
Avg Pace: 10:16 min/mi
Max Pace: 04:36 min/mi

Another slow run, but I did do some good sprints at the end. I promise I'm not normally that slow! But posting all of my split times on here is only more incentive to get faster :)

On another note, got a dozen white roses last night for Valentine's Day early!

And this was what was waiting for me this morning on my desk at work:

The owner of our firm gave all of the ladies a single red rose, and when I thanked him for it, he said, "Just a small token to remind you all of how much we love and appreciate you." I love my job!

Today has been good, we have company in this weekend and went out for a casual dinner tonight, now are just chilling around the apartment. So quick post for me!!

5 miles on the schedule for tomorrow, and of course, the dreaded 15 on Sunday!! Hope everyone has a great weekend and a not-so-sappy Valentines! (Or sappy if that's your thing :) )


  1. That's slow for you? GAH! Here I thought I found someone at my pace.

    That was nice of the firm owner to give everyone a rose.

  2. Yayyyyy! Good job on those roses M! Gorgeous.

    Happy Vday to my bffie!

  3. JoyRuN-Well I am probably kidding myself a bit there, that's about my pace for long runs. For 3 milers though, I usually do run at an 8:30 pace. I've been taking it slow recently though because I want to make sure I get through all of my runs!

    LiLu-Happy VDay to you too love!