Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday's 12 Miler + Happy Bday to Me!

So let me just say that, today is MY BIRTHDAY! I am 24 years young today, and in celebration, I wanted to share this cute little picture with you that was sent to me by my Alma Mater today:

So adorable! Go Tar Heels!! Anyways, I probably won't be doing anything fun today for my bday, the BF has a night class and I have to work and then do a tempo run, but I'm hoping I will at least get some presents... :)

And on to other running related news, I wanted to post an update on this past weekend's long run yesterday, but Garmin Connect was just not working for me. I tried uploading my data to MapMyRun this morning (which I used to use all the time before I got my Garmin) but that wouldn't work either. So anyways, here were my split times:

1 00:09:27 1.00 mi 09:27 min/mi -- -- 126 C
2 00:09:28 1.00 mi 09:28 min/mi -- -- 110 C
3 00:10:24 1.00 mi 10:24 min/mi -- -- 114 C
4 00:09:37 1.00 mi 09:37 min/mi -- -- 112 C
5 00:09:27 1.00 mi 09:27 min/mi -- -- 112 C
6 00:10:07 1.00 mi 10:07 min/mi -- -- 113 C
7 00:10:01 1.00 mi 10:01 min/mi -- -- 114 C
8 00:10:06 1.00 mi 10:06 min/mi -- -- 112 C
9 00:10:04 1.00 mi 10:04 min/mi -- -- 113 C
10 00:10:23 1.00 mi 10:23 min/mi -- -- 112 C
11 00:09:54 1.00 mi 09:54 min/mi -- -- 113 C
12 00:09:51 1.00 mi 09:52 min/mi

Total Time: 01:58:56
Distance: 12.00 mi
Elevation Gain/Loss: 2,012 ft / 1,965 ft
Calories: 1,363 C

It was actually a great run, I felt fabulous pretty much the entire time. The weather was perfect, sunny with a slight breeze and in the 70s. There were tons of people out on the bridge and lounging at the Waterfront Park. All in all probably the best run (long or short) I have had in months!

I only started sucking around the last half mile when I got a huge side stitch. But once I got to 12, I walked the rest of the way home and I think that helped me recover a bit better. I didn't wear my heart monitor (hence the big blank column up there) because that thing has started to bug me! I liked having that data recorded, but having that big strap around my chest just got really irritating.

I think another thing that helped me were the three water stops I had, since there are water fountains on either side of the bridge. I guess I need to start carrying a water bottle since the weather is warming up...ugh, I don't wanna!

I also just realized yesterday that I am a WEEK BEHIND on my training plan! So I should have been at 14 miles this past weekend instead of 12...so I was pretty depressed all day about that. Hopefully I can make up some of the mileage and just keep on trucking...We're doing that marathon come hell, high water, and broken bones!! (That's what my friend who's training with me -from North Carolina- told me last night via txt, she also is behind a bit on her plan.) I figure that this is my first marathon, and it probably won't be perfect, but I know that I can train enough to make it through and that's all I want.

So Happy Birthday to me! And happy Tuesday to everyone else...


  1. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day. And nice job on the 12 miles-- you'll have no problem making up the mileage!

  2. Happy happy birthday lady!!!!!