Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Have the Sickness....

I suppose that this ever-changing weather is the reason that I am sick, yet again, for the second time this winter. I was sick at the beginning of January (for my 1st day at new job) and now, here it is the beginning of the month of love (AND the month of my 24th birthday!) and I'm snot sniffling again. Ugh.

I had on my schedule last night to run 8 miles total, with the first two at marathon goal pace, then 4 miles tempo (with 1:00 of rest in between) then 2 more miles at marathon goal pace to finish it off. But my late-night run didn't go as planned...for a few reasons:

1. Yesterday I ate a semi-late lunch at about 2:30, which was a big Greek salad with some gyro meat. That doesn't sound like something that would mess up ones stomach and keep someone from having a good run almost FOUR HOURS later, now does it? Oh, but it did.

2. I'm SICK. Again.

So, when I got home from a busy and stressful day at work, a little later than usual, (I wasn't lucky enough as the LOLcat) and headed out on my run, I could tell that this was going to be a bad one. Not only was I exhausted but I felt run-down and my stomach was still full for some crazy reason.

My first two "slow" miles were, eh, okay. Then I set off to do my first tempo mile and I knew I was in for it when I...threw up in my mouth. And it was almost a full-blown, pull over and puke on the sidewalk type situation, but I managed to quell my stomach just in time. And I NEVER throw up, so, yeah it was bad.

Puke will definitely put a damper on a good sprint run.

So after I spit all that nastiness out as much as I could, I finished out the 3rd mile, and was into the 4th after consloing myself into cutting the run down to 6 miles. But once I was finishing up mile 4, I looped back by my apartment building (the problems of living on a 4.5 mile looped peninsula) and just said, screw it, and turned around and walked my sick tail home in great defeat (but feeling much better knowing I would soon be inside, sick, on my couch).

All in all a horrible run. I couldn't even enjoy the laziness of chilling on my couch post-shower, because I continued to feel like crap all night. I hardly ate dinner, my stomach was queasy, and of course my nose was running off my face and I was coughing and sneezing like crazy.

So today is a new day. I have my track workout scheduled for tonight and it's crazy cold here (for the south) so hopefully I can pull out one good workout tonight before I fly off to Chicago tomorrow.

I'll let ya know how that goes...


  1. Yucko on the throwing up! Sounds like you were able to turn it around with a great 12-miler though!

  2. joyRuN-Yeah, I always hate that. But the 12 miler wasn't half bad! Thanks for reading :)