Monday, February 2, 2009

Suuuperbowl Weekend: 14 Miles

Last week was a bit...hazy, which would explain for the lack of posting regarding last week's runs.

Before I started by current job January 5th, I was working a contract marketing job that lasted until beginning of February, and last week was our deadline week to finish up (i.e. drive around the entire 50 mile radius of the Lowcountry delivering boxes to people) so with two jobs and trying to fit in training, I was a bit worse for the wear.

But, as of tomorrow we should have everything officially done, and I owe it all to my fantabulous, couldn't ask for better, big manly sweetie with a pickup truck that will do anything for me, boyfriend, who spent all day Friday driving around delivering boxes of this medicine to people, without much organizational help on my end...I am a procrastinator, big time, and didn't have things ready for him when I left for work Friday anyways, last week was NOT fun, but today if already looking a lot better. Between the two of us this morning we almost have everything delivered, and this week is looking sweet.

Last week's runs were out of order, which annoys me, and I didn't get in my track workout or my tempo run. I ended up running 8 on Monday and then running 6 on Thursday. This past weekend I did a quick 4 Saturday morning, and yesterday completed the dreaded 10 miles including over the bridge and back.

Sunday's run was pretty slow, I think I messed up by eating some trail mix beforehand...I have a VERY sensitive running stomach (actually just a sensitive stomach all around...ugh). Then of course the Superbowl was on, so the BF and I ordered D'Allesandro's which is by my definition, the best pizza in Charleston, possibly best pizza EVER (and thei cheesy bread with home made marinara sauce is amazing, I could put that sauce on cardboard and I think I would lick it up) so we lounged about all night watching the Steelers win, then The Office, which I didn't think was too funny.

Early Thursday morning I will be heading out of town to CHICAGO!! on a business trip, and couldn't be more excited.

But this will mean I have to move my runs around a bit. Instead of taking tonight off I'm going to do my tempo run, then tomorrow the track workout, and then Wednesday evening before packing do the 6 mile hill workout over the bridge. Then I can relax on Thursday in the Windy City, and possibly get in a good city run Friday at some point.

Then, on to 12 miles Sunday morning! Hopefully it won't be too bad...

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