Friday, May 22, 2009


Well hello there, how have y'all been ALL WEEK??

I have been so out of commission since Sunday, and I am just getting back to Charleston and back to work this morning. It has been a crazy week! Too much to post about but here are some bullets for a lazy Friday morning (eve of holiday weekend WOO HOO!):
  • Last Friday night we made pizza! Best.Pizza.Ever. Here is the recipe for the dough (whole wheat thin crust!), from one of my favorite food blogs. (I decided you guys could handle the mess that was my kitchen that night, I mean, I'm not trying to be someone I'm not, right?!)
  • The only sub I made, was I used 1.5 cups organic whole wheat flour and 1 cup all purpose. I put cheese, onions, asparagus and PESTO on mine.After generously rubbing the dough with olive oil...
  • Holy yum.
  • Saturday Matt and I played in a cornhole tournament!! We won our first game and then lost the next two.
  • We got jipped out of the second round play and were pretty mad because we wanted to keep playing! (So instead we sat there and watched everyone else/drank beer/ate BBQ/all was good.) I also finally met in person a local Twitter friend. Gotta love the internet!
  • After the tourney/when we had enough beer in our bellies, Matt and I went to the beach at around 6 pm and stayed there until dusk. Beautiful!

  • Sunday morning I headed out early for Charlotte! My mom lives there, so I was staying with her until Thursday because I had to take a class downtown for work. (I am taking my Series 7 General Securities Exam this Saturday! That's stocks/bonds/options/mutual funds/etc.)
  • So basically Monday-Thursday were spent sitting in a classroom from 8:30 to about 4 learning about things that make my brain hurt. (Although I stuck to the TSL Challenge and brought my lunch and snacks every day!)
  • I made a mad run for Trader Joe's downtown Monday at lunch. Ohmygoodness how I miss thee.
  • My mom and I went to her gym on Monday night and got in a HELL of a workout. Man, I forget how much I like to go to the gym! We started out on the treadmill and my mom did a run/walk routine for about 35 minutes! I was so proud of her!
  • I did a speed routine (which is much easier on the treadmill) and started with a 10 minute warm up (1 mile) then did 4 x 1/2 mile intervals at 7:30 to 7:18 pace. In between I jogged for the first few for about 2 minutes, then at the end I ended up walking in between. I did a cool down walk for about 8 minutes. I was beat!!!
  • Then we did abs: planks, side planks, the superman (I don't know what this is really called), balance ball crunches, regular crunches....whew!
  • We hopped on the bike for 10 minutes.
  • My mom decided to go tan so I got on the elliptical for 10 minutes and also did some free weights for my arms. What a workout!
  • For someone who ONLY runs, I was sore for almost three days! So was my mom!
  • I ran again on Wednesday, for about 4 miles outside. It was HOT! My mom started out the run with me and ran about .3 miles, I'm so proud of her for running.
  • In between all of this, I managed to see my grandparents twice, my extended family on my moms side, hang out with my younger brother (who also stayed Sunday-Thursday), played with a really cute Chihauhau that I no longer covet because it poops on the floor, introduced the fam to the green monster, drank a ton of coffee and green tea to keep my sanity, found out my cousin in going to West Point in the fall, saw a pretty bad wreck on I-77 where an entire car was burnt to a crisp (no one was hurt though), found out I was the 3rd highest fundraiser this week for my Team in Training team (thanks y'all!! I am at $512!), realized again just how much I love Charlotte, went to South Park Mall and didn't buy anything, went to Anthropologie and coveted everything yet didn't buy anything, and tried raw almond butter!
That was a lot to digest. You guys still there? Anyone removed me from their readers yet thinking I had given up blogging for a new love? I hope not! :)

Gotta get back to work now but I am OFF on Monday for Memorial Day which I am SUPER pumped about. Also, Matt is leaving me to go home to Kentucky tomorrow morning for a WEEK, anyone want to hang out?

Are you guys jealous of where I live yet?! Here is the view from the pond next to our building. Love it!

Have a fab Friday!


  1. So jealous of where you live! It looks beautiful!! Congrats on being the highest fundraiser this week!!

  2. Isn't it you that said you usually have to beg your mom to do anything physical with you? Great workout for both of you!!!

    I call them supermans too. ;)

  3. Ahhh, I love the beach pictures! I'm totally jealous!

    That pizza looks rather professional. Props to you. (I'm sure mine would look all misshapen and lumpy.)

  4. Sounds like a packed week!! But looked like fun, though. (I SUCK at cornhole!!) Glad you're back!

  5. So I was super confused as to what the heck cornholes were. Thanks for posting a picture, so I understood you were just playing "bags." Hah, too funny. sounds like a great week!

  6. Damn girl, you been busy :-)

    That pizza look AMAZING!!!

  7. looks like you have been having fun!!! that pizza looks YUMMMMMMY!

  8. That's some week! Hope you're giving yourself some time to relax :)

  9. It's my favorite place in the Southeast! The pizza looks yummy!

  10. Haha your pizza so looks like a Shawn-Meredith pizza--Half Dude/Half Yummy and 100% perfect :)

  11. No wonder you haven't had time to've been crazy busy!

    I lifted for the first time in awhile this week too, and my arms were sore for two-three days. I guess we're working some new muscles, right??

  12. WOW! What a busy week- I bet you were so ready for this holiday weekend. Pizza looks fabulous. Love the two different sides :) I hope its nice tomorrow- I'm sick of this poopy weather