Thursday, May 28, 2009

Best Running Shorts + Wild West Relay!

A few of you were wondering about what shorts I wear, since I claimed they are the best for running because they don't chafe...well they don't and they are simply fab. The only problem is, they are hard to find.

I bought my first pair of the Hind P.E. Short at Dick's a few years ago, and then found more online at Unfortunately, that site doesn't carry them anymore. Sometimes I luck up and find them at race expos, for some reason they are ALWAYS at expos.

They are short and light weight, perfect for running in the humid & hot summers of Charleston. They also come in a bunch of colors!

They're not fancy, and they're pretty inexpensive. If you want to try them out, I found a few online here: (but after looking more closely, they all only carry L and XL...I wear a M.)

Dick's Sporting Goods $31.99
Joe's Sports $14.97
Sierra Trading Post $6.99!!

I couldn't find any more online that were in S or M, if you guys do, let me know. Sorry for the tease, but check out the picture and then when you're at the next race expo, pick up a pair!

Last night I ran the bridge with Shannon, who lives in Charleston and is also running the Wild West Relay on our Dangerous Dozen team! We had a nice run, chatting and getting to know each other. I love meeting people in real life from blog land :) I don't know my time or splits, my Garmin was doing something REALLY weird. Basically it kept switching screens and chirping like, every 30 seconds. It was quite annoying to say the least. When I got home it was working fine, so maybe it was just the heat? ;)

But total I think I ran about 5.5-5.8 miles.

It was rough, I'm not gonna lie.
I haven't ran the bridge in probably a month, it was hot, and let's face it, I've been slacking lately. But I think I'm slowly getting back into the running groove.

If you haven't been reading long enough, in August I will be flying out to Colorado to participate in a 200 mile overnight relay with 11 other runners!

The idea all started when I found the Bourbon Chase Relay in Kentucky through Twitter. I started looking around to see who might want to run it with me, and after week or so I decided that maybe we should do a race that wasn't in it's inaugural year. Plus, I had never been to Colorado :)

Abby shared with me a link for a relay in Vermont, which is the sister race to the Wild West Relay I ultimately decided on. Bobbi has been helping me organize, and the rest is that! I will post more later on about this, but that's the bare bones story about how it came to be. I am pumped about it, and had a great time running with Shannon yesterday. I'm looking forward to meeting the rest of our WWR team and kicking some ass in Colorado!


  1. Hey, I've never been to Colorado either. Looking forward to your report. I haven't run with anyone I've met online yet either, but you reminded me - I should set that up.

  2. Oh wow I too have been the biggest slacker ever lately! Our next half is in July so I've gotta get with it. Are you doing a long run this weekend? I ran 2 miles yesterday and almost died, it's amazing what taking a week off will do! That relay sounds amazing, I can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Ohhh how fun! I've always thought one of those giant long relays would be fun to do. Did you find other runners online to be on your team? It would be awesome to get a bunch of bloggers together for something like that.

  4. Did you run the Arthur Ravenel Bridge? I ran that in Charleston last spring break...omg so hard! With the wind and everything.

    BTW, I picked up some goodies for you today!

  5. Thanks for posting about the shorts! I will be on the look out fo them:) So fun that you got to run with a fellow blogger!!

  6. YEAAAHHH dangerous dozen, we are going to be the best looking team out there

  7. The 200 mile relay sounds pretty interesting and fun. Can't wait to read more about. I need to find a pair of shorts that I really like.

  8. I have to agree about the shorts...they really are the best ever. I was dubious at first because my booty is bigger than Kbo's but they work great for me--and it is really hard for me to find shorts that work.

  9. I'm from Summerville and I'm also doing the Wild West Relay. I just got my leg assignments, 6, 18 and 30. Yikes. I've been training - but not as much as I should. Good luck on your run. Maybe I'll bump into you or vice versa.

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