Monday, May 11, 2009

Beaches + Post-Marathon Training Goals

I hope you all had a fab Mother's Day! I didn't see my mom yesterday, but I will be seeing her next weekend and I saw her last weekend. Isn't she cute?

Well, I'm getting a cold I think (sore throat, coughing a lot). I tried to go to sleep early last night so I could start off this week by exercising in the mornings before work, but I ended up tossing and turning all night and I didn't wake up until almost seven this morning! I guess I'm destined to run after work.

But yesterday was a pretty good Sunday. Unfortunately I did not run my 8 miles like I said I was hoping to, but that's the beauty of not being on a training plan :) Instead I lazed around a bit and then headed to the beach! (I was still really sore from my 12 mile bike ride on Saturday, and weird thing, my left hand was partially numb Saturday-Sunday and still kind of today! I guess I'm not used to road biking yet...)

I headed out to Folly Beach on my own, and found a new little walk way down onto the beach...

I spent a few hours out there sunning, reading my new Women's Health and studying (a small bit). The water was cool and it was just perfect. I decided to pack up and head out around 2 PM.

And as soon as I turned out of Folly Beach and headed back towards downtown, this is what I saw:

Where had that crap come from?? It was bright, sunny, blue skies at the beach! Not more than about 5 miles later, the sky opened up.

I guess I left at just the right time :) When I got home, I found this package waiting for me in the office! (I seriously love packages)

Inside was my Better Whey of Life yogurt samples I was sent to review! Unfortunately, they weren't cold once I unpacked them...but being the brave girl I am, I decided to stick them in the fridge and try them out anyways. (What I do for you guys...) I have tried 2 of the 3 and I'm feeling okay so far! Full review to come tomorrow so stay tuned :)

So anyways, back to running! I am pumped about this week because I am officially going to be back into training mode.

I think I have decided to do the Marine Corps Marathon in October through the Charleston Team in Training. I haven't officially accepted yet because I have been weighing my options, but all in all, I think it would be fun to train with a team, it would be a great way to meet new people, and most importantly it would raise money for a good cause.

The only thing I am worried about is the $$ commitment. I can handle running a crap load of miles, but raising almost $4,000? That scares me big time. Anybody have any thoughts on this? Advice for me?

I have also added a 1/2 marathon to my fall schedule, the Raleigh City of Oaks Half on November 1st. This would be right after my marathon, so perfect timing! I am really excited about this one because I will be running it with my girl Meredith! (Who has been sucked into the blog world, woo hoo! Go check out three dogs and a dream :)

So there ya have it.

I'm still working on my training schedule, so more about that later on as well. Other than the yogurt review, I promise I am going to review my headphones this week too! (I need more hours in the day...) Happy Monday y'all!


  1. I think it would be awesome to run the MCM with TNT!! I've had a few friends run with TNT and have not really had that hard of a time raising the $$. Do you read Meghann's blog? She did an awesome blog bake sale that raised a bunch of $$ for her TNT goal. I think that was an awesome idea!

  2. I would love to run with a team too but I'm not a good fundraiser at all. I hate it, therefore, I'll probably never run with a team unless it's a team that doesn't require fundraising.

    Crazy weather! When I lived in Boston it would do that too. I learned to never leave the house without an umbrella!

  3. I'm a terrible fundraiser too but I have a feeling the Internet might make it easier-- maybe create a special website and point friends & family to it? Anyway I think your goals sound great!

  4. yeah I haven't done TNT because of the committment to raising money...kinda selfish, but I know how busy I am with work right now and I'm lucky I get in all these training runs

    oh to live near the beach, my envy is all over my face

  5. bride wars was totally cheesey and worth it for a little down time

  6. Wowsers, nice beach day, and luckily you didn't get rained out. Yikes.

    Thanks for the tip for the sidebar thing, I haven't gotten a chance to fix it yet, but that totally makes sense that it'll work that way. Sometimes I'm computer dumb. :)

  7. I just found your blog, it's great :)
    I think raising money is really hard too- I hate asking people for money. My fiance's cousin just ran the Boston marathon and he had to raise a lot of money. He ended up planning a big event at a nearby bar. A lot of bars let you do fundraisers where you charge people money at the door. Then you just invite all your friends and family and they bring friends. I'm sure it's not easy but at least you feel like you are giving people a fun night for their money.

  8. I trained with a TNT like group for my first marathon... I enjoyed it and learned a lot and met some great people. I didn't have a hard time raising money, but it is a big committment. There are so many great ways to raise money though, if you are up for it definitely go for it!

  9. I love Folly Beach! Well, Charleston in general. That picture caught my looked like a path my fiance and I found a couple years ago when we went to Folly Beach. Probably not the same one...but brought back memories :)