Tuesday, May 26, 2009

doin' the gobble

Hope everyone had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! I spent most of mine studying & laying around...and eating. A lot. I have come to the conclusion that when the cat is away...I will eat a crap load of food. And of course by cat, I mean Matt who is back home in Kentucky this week.

Just to further prove my point, look what I demolished Saturday night...

Yeah, I ate ALL of that in one sitting. (Maybe I shouldn't have shown you guys that...) I can KILL some chips and dip. (The pic is actually from the next day, when I finished it off...god I need to shut up.) Needless to say, I was sick almost all weekend. I might have also rented Nights in Rodanthe since there was no boy around insisting we get Gran Torino or something similar. It was pretty good, I think I really liked it because it featured my home state of NC!

Sunday morning I didn't run, instead I got up and cleaned the apartment and spent the day studying and running errands. And making pulled BBQ chicken. Behold:

I got the recipe idea from Erica, but I made a few changes. Since I was only making this for me, I used three frozen chicken cutlets (smaller than a breast) and a mixture of about 1/2 TJ's All Natural BBQ Sauce, about 1 T of TJ's chili sauce, and a sprinkling of brown sugar. (Probably a bit too much sauce but it was still amazing.)

I had it on a Whole Wheat Arnold's Sandwich thin with 1/2 avocado and some diced onions. This made about 2 servings.

Monday morning I HAD to run, and since I was off work, I had planned on doing 10. But when I got up I knew that wasn't happening. So I set out on a loop that I thought was 5.5 to 6. When I got home, my Garmin said 5.0. Oh well! Here are my splits:

Mile 1: 10:21
Mile 2: 9:57
Mile 3: 10:09
Mile 4: 10:03
Mile 5: 9:15

It wasn't the best run, but when I felt like stopping at mile 2, I told myself I had to push on!! I cannot have another marathon performance like my first, and I need to be stricter with myself on stopping when I feel tired. So I never stopped and walked, and when I got home, I felt a lot better for it.

Today I woke up and I felt bloated...and cranky. I have been eating a mixture of really healthy and really unhealthy foods which I know isn't settling well with me, so I wish Matt would get back so I could feel like everything was normal again!

I had my first TNT meeting tonight at the TrySports in Mt. Pleasant. It was basically a beginner's "seminar" on running gear, gels, shoes, etc. I think I owned almost everything they had on their display table. But still it was fun to "meet" some of my teammates, although I don't think everyone was there. I am looking forward to our long run this Sunday!

I also realized that I don't run with the recommended gear...like, I trained for my whole marathon without carrying one single water bottle or fuel belt. I can't stand them! I have one and have only used it once. Instead I planned my long runs around water fountains, or stashed water bottles along the route.

I also NEVER needed Body Glide. I bought some the day before the marathon and used it, but that was the only time! Our coach and the other staff there were saying that it was a must have and all distance runners need it. I think I didn't need it because I have the PERFECT running shorts! (the only ones I will wear and I have them in 3 colors!) I did chafe a few times at my bikini line, but it wasn't that bad and I think it was because I was wearing undies underneath my tights. I also have great running capris and tights which I think helped a lot during the colder months. Plus, I don't really have boobs so there is no chafage anywhere near there! (*sidenote, I have gone down a cup size during marathon training. fantastic.)

But I was excited to see that they carry Hammer products, I will be trying those out soon since I have only used GU's thus far. I like that Hammer is all-natural and stuff.

Since the meeting was at 7, I didn't get to run tonight. I told Matt I was going to run afterwards or "go on a walk" and he freaked out thinking I was going to be running in the dark by myself...so I guess to make him feel better I didn't :)

Will DEFINITELY be running at least 4 tomorrow, so will report back on that!

And this is what my cat Callie was doing this weekend...

That bag had spilled beer all in the bottom because we use it for recyclables...I guess that didn't bother her.
Ya know how I mentioned that my mom was starting to run? Well she wants to do a 5k with me at some point so she's starting out slow. But she called me Friday after she had gotten back from the gym, and she was so proud of herself because she said she almost talked herself out of it, and instead, she walk/ran on the treadmill for 1 hour!

She said, "Well I thought if Kristin can run for 5 hours, I can do 1 hour!" Yea, yeah thanks for rubbing that in.

Both of my parents also called this weekend to tell me that "your brother ran a mile this morning." My dad is convinced that he is "training" to beat me in "the gobble" on Thanksgiving Day. (I ran a 5k at my dads last Thanksgiving called the Greensboro Gobbler, but my dad only refers to it as "the gobble.") So of course I had to call my brother to tell him I knew he was "secretly training to beat me in the gobble." He laughed and said, "Yeah Kristin, I am secretly training."

Anyways, I am proud of my family for running! Also I am a little worried about my brother's secret training, because although he is not a runner, he is the athlete in the family and will probably be kicking my ass in the gobble this year.

New marathon training plan to come this week...getting pumped. (But why is South Park on my TV right now?? Must.Change.)

TNT Total: $562
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  1. Yummy looking eats! And I totally rented Nights in Rodanthe last time my boy was out of town. :) Maybe you should say screw the marathon training and just train solely for "the gobble." Hah.

  2. You tell Momma "yippee" from this momma!

    I liked that movie - saw it with my daughter when hubby was out of town.

    If I'm home alone I eat crappy too, don't worry. LOL

  3. How awesome that your family is so inspired by you!! My borther always tries to beat me too and for some reason he always can even if he hasn't trained half as hard as me!

    Please share what your favorite running shorts are!! I am always looking for great shorts that don't chafe!!

    I'm with you on the eating bad when the BF is away. Don't know why but I feel like I can "sneak" treats constantly when he isn't here eating with me! I must do better!!

  4. Kristin,

    Eli is a cute little boy! I am so grateful for what you are doing for Eli and his family. You are a hero to our heroes.

  5. Ahh, don't you hate it when people who don't run are magically more athletic than you and then beat you in things? (Okay, maybe I just get all jealous and worked up over this...)

    Love the kitty in the bag photo! She looks so devious/innocent all at the same time!

  6. Ah, good old Nicholas Sparks :)

  7. Haha, your family sounds funny. My sister and are just a little competitive since she ran in high schoool, so when the h.s. has the annual alumni race, I always try to beat her! I know, it's pathetic, but I can't help it ;)

    I've also never used Body Glide. I haven't run very long distances (longest is 12), but I never chafe either. Maybe once I run longer I'll need it, but it's nice to know that someone who ran a marathon didn't need it.

    (btw your cat is really cute!! Why do cats always like to go in bags? My bf's old roommate's cat would do the same.)

  8. I swear by body glide! Now that I am running longer distance it is a must-have for my runs!

    Your cat is too cute; mine loves getting into bags as well :)

  9. Don't beat yourself up over 5 miles... I think its awesome. I am only at 3.. BARELY =) Workin' on it tho.
    Those pulled chicken sandwiches looked amazing. I just saw those sandwich thins in a magazine last night. I want to try them.

  10. Pulled chicken sandwich, that sounds AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S I think it's great that your mom is getting into running!

    P.P.S. 5 hour marathon is my goal time, don't beat yourself up about time. It's all relative.

  11. Rich was out of town last weekend and I kid you not, I had beer/cheese/ice cream for dinner two nights in a row...nice! Callie is a cute!!