Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tar Heel Born & Bred

As you all (should) know by now, my beloved Tar Heels devoured the Michigan State Spartans last night 89 to 72 to capture the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship. Although it wasn't much of a game (which, I'm not complaining about) it was still fun for me to watch. After the final buzzer sounded and we were named the Champs, I felt like tearing out of my apartment and running crazily into the streets.

Of course, then I realized that I wasn't in Chapel Hill anymore.

Last time we won the title was my sophomore year at UNC back in 2005. I did some digging this morning and although my then laptop is dead and gone, I found some pics from that memorable night.

For your viewing pleasure, I bring to you Franklin Street in downtown Chapel Hill, NC - Tarheel Country - after UNC won the national championship in 2005. The faces were different, but the story is always the same. My heart was there last night!

It's tradition! Burn whatever is available and JUMP OVER IT

"Hey Dukies - UNC #1" (If you can't read that)

Showing off for the local news


The crowd and makeshift trophies (check out the photo gallery below from this year to #16, , I found the SAME trophy!!)

The headline says it all!

My poor white pants after a night out in all that! They never recovered.

And here is a scene from Chapel Hill last night, where no doubt, some of my best friends took part in the mayhem without me.

Photo credited to Shawn Rocco of the News and Observer

Check out more photos from last night on the Raleigh News and Observer's photo gallery. Especially look at #16. Does that trophy look familiar??

From the News and Observer: Ten people were taken to UNC Hospital and 16 others were injured during the street celebration of North Carolina's victory, Chapel Hill authorities said today.

About 30,000 joined in the party jamming Franklin and other downtown streets, authorities said.

Altogether, Orange County Emergency Medical Services treated 26 people for minor lacerations, alcohol emergencies, burns and respiratory difficulties. The conditions of those taken to the hospital were not provided.

Sounds like my kind of Tarheel celebration.

“That was sensational, a good start and a good ending,’’ said an excited Dean Smith, who watched the national championship game on television from his home in Chapel Hill.

HARK THE SOUND Hear the UNC Basketball Band playing Hark the Sound Hear the UNC Glee Club 1956-57 singing Hark the Sound

by William Starr Myers, class of 1897

Hark the sound of Tar Heel voices
Ringing clear and True
Singing Carolina's praises
Shouting N.C.U.

Hail to the brightest Star of all
Clear its radiance shine
Carolina priceless gem,
Receive all praises thine.

I'm a Tar Heel born I'm a Tar Heel bred
And when I die I'm a Tar Heel dead.
So it's RAH, RAH, Car'lina 'lina
RAH, RAH, Car'lina 'lina
RAH, RAH, Car'lina
(or in this case, Michigan State :)


  1. Congrats!
    You make me miss the Penn State football riots.

  2. I'm so bummed we couldn't be there... but I guess we had our turn in 05!

    Go Heels!!!

  3. I never really thought about what I missed by going to a school that didn't have any champion-worthy teams...

  4. RunningLaur: Thanks

    LiLu: Yes, we had our turn. But it would have been nice to do it twice!

    tfh: Yeah, that was probably my favorite part of college honestly. I always thought it must have sucked for my friends who didn't have any major teams!