Monday, April 20, 2009

North Meets South + Two Weeks to Go!

Hello lovelies! It has been a while, I know. I was busy all weekend romping on the beach, shopping on King Street, and drinking way too much wine with my BFF who now lives in DC. Friday however, I did manage to get in a measly 6 mile run. It was good, it was easy, and it was pretty quick for me. My last mile came in at 7:47!

I was planning on also getting in my 12 miler at some point, but really, there was just too much drinking for my light weight self and I didn't want to leave my guests at home alone without me for 2 hours while I I just cooked them lots of yummy food instead and decided to do my run tonight! Whatever, it's my taper and I'll do what I want.

**She has most of the weekend's pictures on her camera, so better ones should be surfacing later on this week.

Here's the weekend recap:

Thursday they arrived around 2:30, and I got home from work around 4:30. (Matt was sweet enough to pick them up at the airport.) We headed straight to Red's on Shem Creek for happy hour where we also ate some dinner and did some dolphin watching. We might have come home and ordered pizza. Maybe.

Friday morning I got up to run, then I made everyone a big breakfast of eggs, turkey bacon and toast. Then we went walking around Charleston/shopping/catching up and the boys eventually parted ways to go shooting. Yep, with guns. At a range. I was perfectly content with the shopping! Oh, and then we went and got a much needed pedicure. We might have also had some mimosas. Then I made stuffed chicken and baked sweet potato/regular potato fries and we played Scene It Seinfeld while continuing to drink.

Saturday morning I got up bright and early and made whole wheat flax pancakes with turkey bacon. On mine I added greek yogurt, PB and bananas. My pancakes are awesome btw. Then we headed to Isle of Palms beach and got sunburnt/a little drunkskies/the boys played horseshoes for 4 hours. The BFF also managed to get shat on by a seagull, literally less than a minute after I said, "I really hope I don't get shat on again." (It has happened to me 3 times before.) Then we went out to dinner downtown at the Noisy Oyster, hit up Wet Willie's for a Call a Cab, and played darts at Brick until we were about to pass out with exhastion.

This is how things were looking through my eyes Saturday night. Really dark and a little blurry.

Sunday morning we got up and ate MORE turkey bacon, biscuits, and I decided to do a "make your own" omelet station where everyone got to choose their own omelet fillers which included ham, black olives, steamed broccoli, chopped summer squash & zucchini, fresh mozzerella, two different kinds of feta & diced tomato. I make pretty damn good breakfasts I must say! Then we headed out to Folly Beach for a few more hours in the sun/more horseshoes/and a trip to Taco Boy for lunch! Oh and the BFF's boy got shat on as well! It was much worse than when she did... Later than night we grilled out bratwursts with cilantro lime slaw and played Spades.

We had a very relaxing and fun weekend and I was sad to see them leave this morning at 6 AM!! Although I know they are ready to be home in DC relaxing on their last day of vacay before heading back to work.

So....tonight I am running 12 miles, and hopefully I will be okay enough tomorrow to continue on with my running without a rest day. I don't want to push the schedule back this week any more than I have to. These next TWO WEEKS before my first marathon are going to be filled with clean and simple eating, structured exercise and an all out detox to prepare myself for the race on May 2nd.

Any seasoned marathoners have any tips for me for these final two weeks?


  1. Wow, you sound like a great hostess! And a super-fun weekend all around. Good luck with the 12 miles tonight.

  2. I'm now starving after reading this. Holy cow. AND I just ate, so that's extra bad. ;)

  3. You look super hawt in your bikini!! The last time I drank a Call a Cab, I think we literally had to call a cab to get home. It sounds like ya'll had an awesome weekend. I can't wait to go to the beach, we'll have to go together some this year. Long run, change into bikinis, then jump in the ocean...sounds perfect!

  4. looks like an awesome weekend :) good luck getting the 12 in tonight!!

    i just try to stay relaxed and focused during these 2 weeks, and try not to go crazy :) less is more right now and just make sure to get lots of sleep, take vitamins, eat healthy, etc... its all about getting to the start line healthy now! you will do great :)

  5. What a fun weekend!! Can you make breakfast for me sometime?!?! They all sounded very yummy!! :)

  6. Mmmmmmmm you just made me hungry! =)

    P.S. I'm jealous of your beach photo!

  7. Wow! Speedy fast mile there! Glad you had such a fun weekend and I hope your 12 went well!