Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Golden Beet Chips + Kale Smoothies + Tag You're It!

Good morning folks! The lovely RunningLaur tagged me in this craziness, so here goes!

8 Things to which I am looking forward:
  • Running my first marathon next Saturday!
  • Hanging out with my family & friends in NC before/after the marathon next weeekend
  • Going to the beach A LOT this summer
  • Getting a sweet ass tan
  • More green smoothies! (I just discovered these, love them)
  • Wild West Relay in August!
  • Meeting more people through this blog :)
  • Training for Wild West Relay + other post-marathon races (MCM? Chicago?)
8 Things I did yesterday
  • Had my first green smoothie which I loved
  • Skipped my 4 mile run to come home and snack/watch trashy TV (i.e. Real Housewives) while he BF was at school
  • Went to Whole Foods at lunch and got some sweet deals (avocados for $1.69??)
  • Found out I am 2 months behind on cell phone bill. Crap.
  • Talked to my mom! (Who was going to the Jimmy Buffet concert last night!)
  • Made yummy BBQ baked chicken (that I haven't actually tasted yet, but it looked/smelled great!)
  • Was really sore from Monday night's run
  • Paid bills and got really depressed at my lack of fund$
8 Things I wish I could do/I want to do
  • Plan my yearly international vacay (prob not going to happen this year)
  • Spend my days doing something I LOVE vs. kind of like
  • Work more on making myself happy vs. relying on others to prop me up
  • Hike more! Go to the mountains more. Visit Colorado or Utah or Washington state.
  • Run another marathon this year & do it faster than my first
  • Meet more people in Charleston!
  • Visit a good friend in Seattle
  • Start cycling!
8 Shows I watch (we don't have DVR anymore, so I'm not really a regular of anything other than the first 4)
  • LOST
  • Amazing Race
  • Real Housewives
  • The Office
  • Grey's (sometimes)
  • Seinfeld re-runs
  • Family Guy (with the boy)
  • ER (well, it's not on anymore, but I have been a long time fan! Love Dr. Green)
And I tag these eight people (if you've already been tagged/hate doing these/just don't want to, completely okay with me):
Nothing much new to report today, but thought I would share with you some yummy things I cooked/whipped up yesterday and this morning. I bring to you...Golden Beet Chips!!

I found this recipe one day while I was searching for kale chips, and it looked so good I had to try it! The original calls for baking these in a 325 oven and just keeping an eye on them "for a few minutes" until they're done. I would say these baked for maybe 20 minutes or so, and they weren't getting crunchy enough to I yanked the heat up to 400 for about 5 more minutes and they crisped up! Although, I don't have a mandolin so I think if mine had been potato chip thin 325 would have been okay.

These definitely tasted like beets, so if you don't like beets, don't make them! But I like beets and with enough heat/olive oil/sea salt, I can trick myself into thinking anything is tasty :) That being said, I ate the entire golden beet on my own (like you think the boo would eat beet chips? Yeah right.) and I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely make it again! This was my first time actually cooking a raw beet, pretty cool! (I have only eaten the canned pickled kind before.)

Also tried a kale smoothie this morning, and I must say, it tasted healthier than yesterday's spinach smoothie and was so light and refreshing!!

In this one I added 2 big kale stalks (hard stem removed), 1 chopped pink apple (skin and all), 2/3 cup soy milk light, & 4 ice cubes. Very, very good. I like to chew on something for breakfast though, so had a slice of whole wheat double fiber toast with PB to help fill me up.

Yes, I skipped my run yesterday. I was so sore, so I just came home and relaxed and stretched. Tonight I will be heading out on a run though, 4-6 depending on how I feel!

Thanks for everyone's comments on my upcoming race, I really don't think I would have been able to keep up this grueling training on my own without the support of all of you out there! Seriously!

Since I don't have too many people in my life who are big fans of running/eating as healthy as I do, it's been such an eye opener to have all of you out there to answer my running questions, inspire me to run further/faster/longer, and to generally propel me forward through this training! So THANK YOU!


  1. Marathon NEXT Saturday! That is so exciting! I'm glad I found your blog just in time to read about your first one. I'm sure it'll be extremely motivating and inspirational.

  2. I just found your blog from a comment on Mica's blog. (Don't you love the blog world??) I wanted to wish you luck on your marathon next Saturday! I'm running one on the same day, so we can cheer each other on from afar!

  3. Oooooooooh marathon this weekend! SOOOOOOOOOOO exciting!

    I love the tag things, I always learn so much. I completely 100% agree with the: doing something you LOVE vs. something you kinda like. I am right there!

    I used to take one big trip a year too but sadly, not going to happen this year for me either =(.

    Are you running again after today? I personally always take 2 days off before marathons (all 2 of them...mostly b/c I didn't want to get fatigued but also b/c I was injured last time).

    Can't wait to hear all about your race!

  4. wow you liked the kale smoothie? i just couldn't ever get in to the kale. I have some left and was trying to find a kale chip recipe as well!

  5. Okay, usually I am skeptical of your super healthy things... but those beet chips actually look DAMN good. Not as good as the sweet potato fries we made this weekend, but still! :-)

  6. i love these tag posts :) so fun to learn new things about bloggers! soooo fun you are running a relay! i realllly want to do one sometime!

  7. Yay for your Marathon almost being here!! I've seen those kale smooties everywhere! Guess I will have to try one soon since everyone loves them!!

  8. I can just see the look on Rich's face if I told him we were having beet chips or a green smoothie...not happening:) I like beets though, so I may try those. Thanks for the tag, I think these things are fun. A big AMEN to the beach and sweet-ass tans!

  9. Thanks for the tag, girl! My brain's running on empty so this timing is fortuitous.

    Happy tapering :)

  10. This will be my third marathon. I hope you catch the marathon bug during your first!