Friday, April 3, 2009


Whew! This week has flown by! I have reeeaaallly been taking it easy on the running front this week, as I have only run twice since my Sunday long run. Normally I would be freaking out about this, but I was getting to that point where my body was just so physically run down from the past few weeks that I think I needed to take an easy week to get back into the swing of things. Today and yesterday will be the first consecutive two days not running I have enjoyed in a while!

Yesterday I posted about the bridge run, and how I wasn't sure that I was going to run it just because it was a $40 fee and I run the bridge all the time. Well, I was chatting with the owner of my firm yesterday about it, they all know about my training and how I often run the bridge because they see me leaving the office in running gear (as discreetly as I can get out, shorts and tank so not approp for work) so naturally he was assuming I was going to run it. So I explained the sitch and just said I couldn't see spending the $40 fee, so he suggested that the firm sponsor me!

I was actually a bit surprised, and then I thought to myself, well crap do I even really want to?? But I figured it was free, so why not?? Then they all started joking about what I should wear to "represent" the firm...luckily all they have are golf shirts :)

So I went down to the expo last night to register and browsed the vendors. Nothing too spectacular. I did get some free samples of Sport Beans which I have been wanting to try, as well as some mini Larabars. I have only had one of those (cashew cookie) and I hated it, so maybe these will be better. I also got a free Women's Running Magazine. I like it a lot!

Yesterday was simply a day for sponsorships! I also got news that SuperFeet will be product sponsoring our Wild West Relay Team! Each member of our team will get up to two free pairs of insoles, valued at $45 each! So that was pretty cool. I hope we can find some more sponsorships as well... (hint hint)

I also got in my shipment of new running gear last night. I honestly don't know about any of the things I ordered. I was annoyed because the Nike tanks didn't really fit the way Nike tanks usually fit me, so I don't know if I am going to keep them or not. They fit around the top area, but were loose around my stomach. Weird! The shorts were ok, I can't decide if I should take the plunge and try them out on a run or just return them and get what I know fits.

This is my loot:

Nike Women's Core Reflect Long Sport Top
(Got this in pink, black and a smiliar one in white and blue to match the blue shorts below. I really like how it has two pockets on the back to hold gels)
Nike Women's Race Day 3" Short
(Also got these in black with purple on the sides)

I did try on the pink tank this morning, and kind of liked that it wasn't skin tight. It wasn't gapping at the top, which is the most important, so maybe those will work out after all. I was hoping to have a new outfit to wear for the race this weekend.

If you're looking for new running gear and you haven't checked out this site yet, you need to visit It has free 2-day shipping, free returns and if you want it overnighted, it's only $6! Plus they have great deals on things and sometimes give you free stuff when you buy enough! (I once got a free Nike Dry Fit Tee with their logo on it with an order.)

Ok, I'm off to have a productive Friday! I am still planning on running 13-15 miles Sunday morning as well as the race on Saturday so I will keep you all updated. My mom and younger brother are driving down this afternoon from Charlotte, NC so I am SUPER pumped about having them here. I haven't seen my brother in a while so we're looking forward to that (he talks more to Matt than to me, and I know Matt is excited that he will have another dude around this weekend).

**I am hoping to PR this race with a time of anything under 56:00. Fingers crossed!**


  1. Good luck this weekend! That's so cool about 2 sponsorships!! I really love the Nike tank! It's so cute! Thanks for the running gear website, will def check this out!

  2. too bad about the top.. I never could find those tanks to fit me all that great.

    SWEEET for our sponsorhip!! I am working on a few others, so we'll be like the most decked out team there!

  3. love the outfits!!! So excited about the sponserships, I need to work on that! We still need 3 more runners:)

  4. That's quite a weekend of running! Good luck, and have fun with your family!

  5. Nice loot! And I need to start talking about my races to work people more - maybe someone'll think of sponsoring me :)

    Good luck!