Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Healthy Dose of Humility

Just when I was thinking I was getting better at this whole "running" thing, I decide to go to the track to do my speed workout on the same night that the Charleston Running Club meets there for their track workout. I think I had read on their website before that they do track workouts on Tuesdays, but I don't think that registered when I decided to head out there today.

I would love to be involved in a running club, but I am in no way on the same level as these folks. I was getting tired just watching them! But I'm glad I went and saw the talent that they have. It was definitely something to strive for!

Anyways, my measly workout went about this way: I started out with a mile warm up, then I did 6 x 100m with 100m recovery jog/walks. Then I did 4 x 200ms with 100m recoveries. Then I did two laps around the track to cool down for a total of 4.2 miles (including the recovery time). Then I stretched a bit and did some ab work with 2 x 60 second planks, 2 x 60 second side planks (each side) and 2 sets of 50 crunches.

After I finished and got in the car, I kind of wished I had pushed it a bit harder because I wasn't as tired as I should have been. And I JUST now realized why. I usually do a 3 mile warm up and I only did one today! Ugh, now I'm mad. I think maybe I was paying too much attention to everyone else to pay attention to my own distance!

Ugh, off to do taxes now. Goodnight!


  1. You may feel bad about your lower mileage, but man you're killing me with those planks!! Hate those - it's amazing that you can do any, let alone those super long ones!

  2. Whew - those planks are impressive! I usually only do a mile warmup for my intervals - I add mileage at the end if I need to.

  3. Oh HELL... taxes... BLECH.

    Maybe this weekend.

  4. I had a similar experience my first time doing a speed workout with a running club; I was so focused on what other people were doing that I didn't pay enough attention to how hard I could push my body, and I ended up wishing I'd pushed harder.

    Yesterday I did a track workout with my own version of a running club (two friends who are also training for the Jersey marathon). We all ran at our own pace (which meant me and one friend running together and the other friend going faster), and afterward I really felt like I had done the workout right.

    I get the sense that doing these sorts of speed workouts, especially with a new group, takes a little bit of trial and error before you settle into it.

  5. I would be super-intimidated if I showed up to the track and the running club were there doing their workout. But you know, maybe if more of us intimidated folks joined them, maybe they'd become less intimidating!

  6. I am scared of the running club for that reason. I know they do long runs, and some mid-week runs together at supposedly slower paces but I haven't been brave enough to join them yet.

  7. you are so brave to try and go work-out with the running club - thanks so much for your comment on my blog post the other day about my bakery - lets just say I LOVED teh name suggestion (I am in Wash DC)