Sunday, January 18, 2009

This weekend's "long run"

Well my long run today turned into a measly 6.8 mile loop around the peninsula. I thought I was taking a longer route, but it ended up not being as long as I thought. When I got back to my normal loop at East Bay, I looked down at my Garmin and it had only been about 3.5 much for trying to mix it up!

My usual long run is running from my apartment on Lockwood, down Calhoun and up East Bay, over the Ravenel and back. That's usually anywhere between 8-10 miles depending on if I go completely over the bridge.

Today's run wasn't even an easy 6.8, I was definitely struggling to keep going. Definitely have got to turn up the training this week since I won't be in town to do a long run this coming weekend.

Currently looking for a training program to follow for the marathon, have to get started on that ASAP.

Also looking for a good (yet inexpensive) gym in Charleston. My boyfriend and I live downtown, so we wanted one that was close enough to run to. Were considering Eco Fitness, but they're $40 a month....seems a bit steep to me since that doesn't even include classes. Need to go check out Bluefish Fitness, East Shore Athletic Club, and the YMCA. Any suggestions (if anyone is out there reading)?

Going to pick a marathon plan by tomorrow. Stay tuned! I'm also trying to figure out if I can import my Garmin data onto here somehow....

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