Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Footprints in the snow...or at least, tiny snowflakes on my nose...

Yesterday I made the comment that I really hoped it would snow here, as it was snowing literally everywhere else around Charleston, and all of my friends/family back in NC were getting a pretty good pounding of several inches.

I don't particularly love cold weather, but moving down here has made me miss cold winters with scarves and heavy coats and boots. So this past week has been pretty nice, to for once, be able to bundle up in the mornings and run outside with ear warmers and gloves.

I have always wanted to go for a run in a good snow, to feel the flakes falling on your face and to be so warm from the exercise that the cold outside seems to simply melt in Charleston doesn't exactly allow me to fulfill that, but at least last night on my 6 miler I did get to run through a few flakes.

Did my first official run last night as part of my marathon training program, and for the first time in a month or so (since before the holidays and all that entailed) I felt as if I were truly a runner again. I love those runs, when you go out and you just run, without wanting to kill yourself, without thinking of all the ways you could shorten your loop, and without taking that oh-so-painful short walk break (I REALLY despise walk breaks, it makes me truly feel like a failure).

So my Tuesday evening routines are 2 miles at marathon goal pace, then 2 miles at tempo pace, and then 2 more miles at marathon goal pace. As I rounded out the final 2 miles, the snow began to fall delicately, the light from the streetlamps on the battery highlighted the flakes just so. The water in the Charleston Harbor was still and there were only a few brave souls out walking and enjoying the freak snow shower.

In a really stupid way it was kind of a magical run, and afterwards I just felt so energized and pleased with myself. I'm very glad to be back in the swing of it.

Tonight is a 3 mile run followed by 4x100's at the track. Shouldn't be too bad, but then again, I hate sprinting...

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